Why do we Exist?

Can someone please explain this to me as I am at a complete loss

To love and be loved


To experience lifes glorious tapestry of love, life, and laughter.


Why is there “something” instead of “nothing”? I wish I knew.


why is this in unusual beliefs? its a perfectly valid question, nothing unusual about it

If you asked me, the point would be to suffer and be tortured by otherworldly tyrannical beings who are â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  full of themselves.


Heres some videos that will help. Really tho, its like why should there be anything at all? Existing is strange enough because of how random it is. What ever theory you subscribe to for your reason of existence will vary through out your life. Just remember this is all going to be dust one day and this place will be devoid of light at some point. So enjoy the weirdness of it all while youre alive.


Life is meant to be full of experiences. Good and Bad. If you didnt have the bad stuff - you would’nt be able to compare the good. Happiness comes from suffering. Only when you suffer - do you learn and gain experience. Thats whats life about.


EVOLUTION is the reason!


We exist to further progress our consciousness…to combat entropy and project love into others’ consciousness. The cycle of life. We must do this in the face of adversity…


We exist to survive. That’s all life has ever done… Life is precious. While it seems there is an abundance of it… that really is just the case here on Earth. It’s of upmost importance to survive just so that life is represented in the universe. Without the universe itself would be largely point. The big empty fill with giant lifeless things colliding into each other, wholly unaware.

“We are the eyes and ears of the cosmos. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” - Carl Sagan.

Life is free form. If you want meaning than seek purpose. That purpose can be anything. Live to eat, live to sleep, live to watch the world, just live for the sake of living. Granted those are all quite basic, there are more ambitious avenues of finding fulfillment in life.

I myself want the world to be a better place. There is only so much I can do to influence that… however… it’s still just as important as anything big. The positive influences stack up… and I can directly subtract the negative influences I might have on the world. It’s like a fun game.

Beyond that I want to see human colonies in space… I want to know just how far science and technology will go in liberating us from past struggles… I want to see just how the politics of the Earth play out and how culture evolves. I am really hoping that the world at large has climbed to a more acceptable state before I pass. It would be most pleasing to see the story is more likely to have a good ending. Like permanent and benign establishment of the human species in the universe at large. Like first phase Star Trek ■■■■…

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Oh yeah… home run on that statement.

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To have as much sex, drugs, and rock n roll as possible!!!


creation has a purpose

Your mother had you, here you are, make the best of it.

Even though we’re schizophrenic we still have choices. If you make the right choices, you can get a little something out of life. If you make the wrong choices be prepared for the consequences.

Drugs are a good example. If you choose to do drugs or drink you will have to live with all the negative stuff that comes with it. If you choose not to pick up drugs or alcohol that will eliminate a problem that affects many, many, schizophrenics and you’ll be ahead of the game. That’s just an example, taking drugs is a choice. But taking care of a drug or alcohol problem is a choice too.

I don’t know about god or grand design or how the universe works but what I do know is that if I go to work three days a week and keep my nose clean and stay out of trouble and not do anything illegal or stupid, I can live a pretty decent life. And living a decent life actually gives me even more choices and freedom. And there’s way more to life then just survival. I don’t just survive or exist, I occasionally do fun things. Socializing is hard but enjoyable. I’m 58 and life is serious as hell but I still have many moments to fool around and joke around. I thought that when I got this old life wouldn’t be fun anymore. I thought once you hit old age you’re out of the game but I still win sometimes (like today). Anyways, I still fail in life but at least it’s interesting. And nature is great and free and makes life palpable. This is my take on life.


The question I always find myself asking is “why do we suffer?” I haven’t found a good answer, but I was able to make my own meaning by deciding that the why isn’t important. The important thing is, if we must suffer, we should help others who are suffering in similar ways. We might suffer for no reason except the random chance of the universe, but as long as there is suffering, there will be people to help us through it.


Its to suffer day in day out till the day we die then after that we go to hell to suffer even more


Sounds like you are bumming!


I still have an appreciation for Steve Carrell’s character in Little Miss Sunshine. He says about Proust that his best days were the ones marked by pain and those were the times that made him who he was.

All I know is I was smoking out my bedroom window and leaving the butts on the roof of the garage; putting them out there.

I listened To Heart’s These Dreams on repeat bc I thought I found a way to release that into (not the universe)but to my organization to lobby for me. I still believe I did that. It’s a good song for a schizophrenic.

Point is I never hammered out as many entries on my blog then I did during that point in my life. And they hold up in my eyes to this day.

I really suffer when at all for no reason. My mind makes me suffer cause of my desires and selfrespect. Just thinking being a homosapien doesn’t earn me lots of credit in the destroyed nature.