Why do we Exist?

We exist because God wanted us to be something new in the universe capable of love

To make memes.
To suffer.
To find compassion.
To make art.
To find our calling.

Why is this in unusual beliefs?

Try and survive and thrive if we have the energy for it.

I really want to thrive.

Right now I’m just in survival mode.

Sucks got to be so patient whilst in survival mode cos its a long process working out coping mechanisms to live. And thrive

You don’t have to go there @YorkshireLad

Humans were engineered to utilize the planet Earth for its resources. As part of the great apes family we humans have an opposable thumb and cranial capacity that no other mammal on this planet possesses.

Also the human population is ever increasing with dwindling living space for all the 7 billion humans. China and India make up the majority of humans on this planet with population counts of over 1 billion people.

Mankind was not meant to travel beyond the solar system or even past the orbit of the moon. Fossil fuels were not the fuel resource to propel man to go beyond the stars. Earth is mankind’s permanent habitat.

Since humans are known to turn on one another when placed in adversarial positions. It’s assumed that the variety of human sub species such as Africans, East Asians, Europeans and South Asians were engineered to support this competition of resources on the planet.

A single human is part of a couple, then a family or household, then a community, then a city, then a state or province, then a country.

Lastly, we are born then grow to maturity, procreate then die off. This is the cycle of life for almost all mammals and living creatures on this planet.

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