Why do us Schizophrenics?

Why do we hallucinate or get really anxious from drinking tea or coffee? Or am i the only one?


That is the million dollar question.

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Hallucination is usually because the brains circuits are malfunctioning from stress chemicals which cut up what would have been normal background or subconscious thoughts id guess?

As for tea and coffee, that’s just sensitivity, for some of us, we have a fast enough life to not notice the increased heart beating whereas for those of us in a less fast paced situation, it’s very noticeable — perhaps?


i don’t get anxious from coffee… the coffee doesn’t have an influence on my anxiety. And hallucinations are minimal now that i’m on these meds. I still hallucinate occasionally but i can give it a place and i don’t obsess so much over it anymore.

Coffee and tea don’t seem to have any effect on me.

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I am also immune from the effects of caffeine.

Can drink the stuff and still fall asleep mins later


i drink like 2-3 grams a day every day and it does cause or worsen psychological and mental health issues, but it also makes me FEEL AMAZING! But it’s expensive and I need to stop.

That’s like 10 monsters + 2 cups of coffee a day.

I drink 7 cups of coffee a day. I like it

I’m drinking a dr.pepper now. I can only have one soda.a day. I need to drink sugar free. Idk. I’ll miss coffee.

The stimulant makes me nervous.

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