Can caffeine really cause hallucinations?

I read in a slightly older book that caffeine can cause hallucinations in schizophrenics. Is this true?

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I can get anxiety from coffee. Get shaky hands. But I have not had hallucinations from coffee.

I once heard of an energy drink causing some but that was a case study. There have been a lot of arguments on this site between dedicated coffee drinkers who say it’s OK and others who say it’s not. I myself had delayed anger spells from chocolate until I started taking trileptal.

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Well I used to be a heavy tea drinker and when ever possible coffee too but I didn’t know Selegiline and Caffine has serious drug interactions and I had problems but I quit because Selegiline is costly. Now I know. Several years ago I read that if you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder then Caffine can be trouble some and even though I did read it I drink it for anti-oxidants and now for the past 1 or 2 months I didn’t drink tea or green tea or coffee and I will never drink them. I’m drinking Milk and milk only.

Coffee really winds me up. I am ok with tea.

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Coffee upsets my moods, but doesn’t cause me hallucinations.

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I used to drink so much coffee. Was very unwell at he time. I quit coffee a few years ago. Not by Confucius choice, just cause I started drinking tea.

I am more well now than back then but I doubt it’s to do with coffee. However…things have been busy lately and I’ve found myself slipping a coffee here and there to get me going.

I notice now how irritates it makes me feel. But I doubt it has the power to make me as ill as I was when I was a coffee drinker. Just irritated and agitated.

I’ll stick to tea. I spoke to my case worker about this… As I was confused because tea also has caffeine in it. She said it doesn’t have as much and to stray away from the coffee.

That’s interesting. Black tea gives me tachichardia and I become hyper alert.

Yeah cause tea also contains caffeine. Which is why I brought it up. But I don’t get the same effects.

I guess one to bear in mine. One drink is from tea leaves and the other coffee beans. Perhaps they both contain caffeine but 2 different things. It affects me differently and this is prob why.


Are a couple of posts it’s not just sz but everyone. Search engine sucks on the site but I’ll see if I can find the odd post on it.

Found my link.

had post this in regards to it’s irrelevant if on meds.

I’ve drank so much coffee that it has a minimal effect on me. I need caffeine now just to feel normal. It could be psychological.