Why do schizophrenia patients die earlier than other people?


LS! A male with schizophrenia in the Western World on average has a life expectancy of 59.9 years. I have been doing research in psychiatry for ten years and was paid for in two years. Recently I researched mortality and psychiatry for a friend of mine who is on the board of a very large mental health institution. Where some research claims that people die young because of smoking, cardiovascular disease and suicide; I personally feel that the negative symptoms cause a lack of health discipline. And as the above article points out there are some less understood and often untreated symptoms of schizophrenia that can shorten you life.
I am now 61 years old and I do not intend to die soon. I do intermittent fasting, exercise, did twice a senolytic treatment, take lots of dietary supplements, am lacto-ovo-vegetarian, do not use alcohol or tobacco, take my daily risperdal.
I also read books by authors like: Roy Walford, Valter Longo, Kris Verburgh and of course: How Not To Die.
Lisa Mosconi: Brain Food ; is also a good book.
Do not despair and give your health priority!


The average life span of a normie woman in the western world is 82 years. For a sz/sza woman, the average life span is 70 years. So, 12 years sooner.

Makes sense. On average, guys get sick 10 years earlier than girls, therefore guys get on meds 10 years earlier, therefore guys die 10 years earlier. It kinda sucks, really.

What does this mean??

Oh well, there will be other lives…


How many hours/week do you exercise ?

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I think he means Lectori Salutem, which means something like greetings to the reader or so? It is latin, but in Dutch it was used as a start of a letter if you didnt know who you were writing to, or what their title was. In the days when people would actually write letters still. Im not sure if it is/was only used in dutch actually. I hope im correct and not saying stupid stuff.


Isn’t it due to smoking and heart issues due to weight gain etc? Not the actual illness itself? Even though that’s related.

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LS! LS means “Lectori Salutem” ; That is the latin abbreviation for ; “The reader be greeted”. In the past it was used in the beginning of a letter.

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LS! Hi Gogu2! For the last ten months I exercised daily. Five days a week I do two times twenty minute cardio on my Concept2 rower, the other two days a week I work out with 30 LB dumbbells. I do shoulder shrugs, side bends, standing shoulder press, biceps curl, one arm back row, and triceps extension. Every day I try to walk some, say twenty thirty minutes or an hour. Some days I do YouTube Tai Chi : seated senior with David-Dorian Ross for twenty minutes. Good luck to You!


a) they kill themselves b) they accidentally get themselves killed while psychotic c) some of the medication has side effects that are extremely serious and damaging to health

I didnt read the article but those are my guesses

methibolic syndrome

I make sure I’m on the least meds I possibly can be. I wonder if this helps my life expectancy. Being on the minimum dose only 10 mg abilify 50 mg Zoloft , naltrexone and .25 klonopin. Plus I don’t drink.

Well going by how I was last year, I barely moved, I ate way too much processed things, and I wonder about the med itself wat it may be doing as a side effect

I was told by my pdoc,
“You’re not cost effective for treatment.”

Plus, the dialog between me and my regular doc went like this;

Me, "I’m having an intense pain in my eyes/sinus area that feels like broken glass is being shoved into my face everytime I bend over to pick something up.

Doc, “It’s all in your head, now lets increase your meds to twice as many, see you in 3 months.”

Sigh…slap a label on someone’s forehead and they fade into the background.

I think it’s because we don’t take care of ourselves,
Often have empty unfulfilling lives,
Lack of enthusiasm and energy for it.

Whoops meant to reply on topic hahahaha not to you

For me I can read what to do to be healthier , but the hard part is actually doing it. I find that especially with eating more healthily.

My total cholesterol was 4.2, kidney function was very good,liver was ok, blood pressure 115/75 .

I’m having to take folic acid because that was low. Folic acid is important for both men and women, but it’s sold as being something for women.