How long do schizophrenics live?

I’m curious because I’m using invega 116mg and I noticed problems with my heart, I also smoke and was diagnosed at age 20. Have you heard or had relatives that had sz and when did they pass?

What kind of problems ? Have you spoken to your doctor about this?

We generally die 20 years younger than the general population.

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Is that when I try to work out I notice heart abnormal palpitations, basically i can’t do anything physically.

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Make sure you report this to your doctor. Heart problems are a red flag issue.

What kind of problems? You should call or go see your doc, heart problems are nothing to mess with.

I suspect the “20 years younger” statistic includes deaths by suicide. If suicide is excluded I suspect the number is a lot lower although I don’t know what it is. If you have seriously suicidal thoughts then the 20 years younger estimate is probably a fair estimate, if you are free from such thoughts then you can afford to be more optimistic. (If anyone on this site has suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone as soon as possible.)


Yea… I do wonder wat our life expectancy is excluding suicide cos suicides can be at pretty young ages, really skewing the average figure I guess?

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Psychiatric patients also had substantially increased risk of deaths from external causes when suicide was excluded.

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I’m 50 with a bad heart, still plugging along. (I was born with the bad heart and the docs aren’t blaming it on SZ meds.)

I’m pretty sure that the shortened lifespan is due to excessive tobacco use and alcohol and drug consumption.
Of course the meds play a big factor as well.

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Don’t forget poverty as a cause for younger death.

Supposedly we die 15-20 years earlier than the general population. But they include those with schizophrenia who commit suicide in the statistics. Thus, at least i think, we don’t really have a lower life expectancy. I know a woman with schizoaffective disorder who is 74 and still in relatively good health for her age. How long we live, despite popular opinion, has mostly to do with genetics instead of lifestyle. (Lifestyle can effect this some).

Many are because the medical health field doesn’t take people with mental illnesses seriously so they don’t get proper care.

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The risk factor from dying of schizophrenia goes away after 60

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My mom died at 75. Her mother lived to 93, but wasn’t sz

LS! I am more pessimistic than the others on this topic. My age is 61. I have seen many patients pass away at a too young age. As the link states there are many reasons why people with schizophrenia die relatively young. I am in a fight to stay alive as long as possible. Even on this site there seem to be little or no old folks.

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