Why do people with schizophrenia exercise? A mixed methods analysis among community dwelling regular exercisers



I agree. I work-out 2 times daily, 5 days a week. The higher the intensity, the bigger the payoff on relieving the mentioned symptoms on a daily basis. However what’s also accurate about the article is that the benefits unfortunately decay’s in the weekend when I don’t go. All I want to do or better said is hope I can sleep all day because I don’t have anything as effective as exercise to combat symptoms but my muscles need the well deserved rest.
7.46 hours, 86KM, 5800 burned calories in 5 days weekly is not nothing, if I wasn’t on antipsychotics I could consider myself an athlete.


cuz i dont wanna be fat :sunglasses:


I lost 50lbs an my symptoms got worse. I don’t know if it’s related.


I exercise to burn calories and it makes me feel good.