Why do people expect so much from me

it doesnt make sense my parents just think that i can do anything and that i am just being lazy with life and that if i tried to do stuff it would be so easy for me but really it is so hard for me to even get out of bed, yes the hallucinations and stuff are not as bad now that im on meds but thats not the only symptom i have and this is basically a life long problem, i want a job i want to be successful but it seems to me whats the point in doing anything when im just going to die eventually and none of it will matter,

i wish people knew more about this mental illness so they dont just think that meds can cure u completely and you will be back to how u used to be before it all started, my life is so strange now i feel like i am walking on the edge of a cliff everyday and im going to fall and die eventually so i dont know wat to do in my time left it is ■■■■■■

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I know how you feel. I am a woman and the Feminist Movement has radically altered perceptions of women such that all women are expected to be super women now. And the thing is I feel weaker to a man but in 2017, I am expected to live like one, be career driven, money oriented, strong. Alot of women are admittedly but I would have been happy in a more traditional lifestyle. I would have liked to have been a stay at home mom and the husband is the provider, as it once was in the good old days. Maybe I idealize it all but it’s true.

On top of this, I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression which adds to my woes…

I feel everyone expects so much from me too…

Maybe get your psychiatrist to explain negative symptoms to them. A family meeting with the psychiatrist seems in order.

I feel you both in some ways, because, even though I’m a man, I feel some people expect too much from me too. However, I know life is important in that I’m trying to forge a legacy for myself for after I die. We’re all going to die, and eventually no one will remember you. Sounds strange, but what can we do about that? Make the most of it.

Most of my doctors and therapists did not have a clear understanding and explanation for my Negative symptoms.
Positive symptoms are easier to treat and understand.
Don’t give up @sigarino.
Have your psychiatrist explain things to your Mom.

My parents did the same with me and sometimes are still guilty of it. If only they could spend one day in our shoes they would understand

I often feel like people expect to much of me. People see what I can accomplish when I’m manic and expect that all the time. I wish it were that easy but there’s always a crash after mania for me, always. When I’m depressed I can barely keep myself clean and hydrated. If only they could walk a mile…