Why do my posts get deleted for having a different opinion?

Why do my posts get deleted for having a different opinion? The truth is unbearable?

You post Covid-denying BS. That’s all you do. You provide nothing else of value on this site. Get lost.

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Please show me where I denied covid was real in my last post? Oh wait it’s deleted nice censorship!

Sorry I guess I should be buying sarcosine then I would be of value right?

If you’re gonna cry about it, why do you continue to post here?

Because I can, its called freedom or what’s left of it.

Cool. There are rules regarding making covid-denying posts. If you can’t follow the few simple rules on this site, then leave. It’s really not complicated.

How convenient uh? Only pro vaccine? No other opinions? I see that’s great isn’t it?

Making posts like “if you believe there is a pandemic going on, you’re delusional” is covid-denying BS. You literally just made that post.

Covid is a virus, I never denied that covid exists, learn to read.

Here is a quote from your post.

And by the way, your post isn’t deleted. It’s hidden.


I can read just fine, you’re arguing semantics and moving goalposts.

“If you still believe there is a pandemic going on you are delusional.” – were your exact words.

I’m moving goalposts? LOL just look at what has happened since the plandemic started… do I really have to tell you how stupid this is? Yes let’s mandate a vaccination to every worker that works in important places because of some invisible enemy as they like to say… Don’t you see how this ends badly for everyone? People study years to learn to properly do there jobs and now you’re just going to mandate something like a vaccination for all of them or they are forced to quit/lose there jobs just because they don’t want to get injected with something they have no clue what is in it or the side effects?

I stopped reading after the first line. Using terms like “plandemic” is dead giveaway that you’re a Covid/pandemic-denyer. It’s okay to have that opinion, you just aren’t welcomed here with that BS.


You are a fool, you should read more I bet you would be less stupid, probably not to be honest but its worth a shot, now censor me, I love it.

Did I hit a nerve? Name-calling now? Kick rocks.

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If you want to argue that there should not be mandatory vaccines, feel free, but posts about the pandemic not being real are almost certainly going to be flagged and hidden.

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Oh and while you’re at it why don’t you call me a conspiracy theorist, tell me I believe that 5g radiation is bad, why don’t you just go ahead and tell me what to believe while you’re at it?

You called me a pandemic-denyer also, do you see me crying about name calling? Sometimes you just have to say it how it is.

Watch the name calling @revv . It’s not allowed on this site.

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He called me a pandemic-denyer isn’t that name calling? He said it first! Omg im triggered oh my god.

The thing is you don’t realize is that its not just on this forum it’s literally every where on the internet/media that you cannot criticize anything about what’s going on. It’s called censorship