Rejected, denied, deleted

I’ve got more friends on Facebook. Maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t.

If you don’t think I’m serious, maybe you need an eye adjustment.

Daze well always be friends I hope :crossed_fingers: I just don’t like to get involved too much. Take care I hope you’re alright miss.

Was one of your topics deleted

@Jonnybegood why is it too much?? Can you imagine what it was to me? A mother with two disabled kids. A struggling artist and college student? yeah. I get it. If it doesn’t happen to you, you never know it.

I’m not sure we have the same views on everything so I’d rather keep a lot of my opinions to myself is what I mean because I could see how opinions can be harmful on a message board for tons of diverse people to read.

I try to avoid expressing opinions that may offend people these days. We may not agree on everything but we should try to agree to not say things that people take too personally/get offended by. Do people need to lighten up?? Sometimes. But I can’t change that so I’d rather just avoid opinionated stuff. Like the transgender stuff you were talking about. There’s people passionate about those rights I respect what they have to say and rather just listen than make judgements on something I don’t 100% understand. That’s all.

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I see you’ve already judged me, you know what, none of you respected me,

I was suspended for being disrespectful, ridiculous. This site has some standards
but not all for all.

Now they won’t let me post my brief video, ahhhhh, what’s the difference between art and visual and life experiences that are real?




Yes i think to the mods are outdated and not living with the Zeitgeist. The side needs an update of fresh mods. Nothing personal but the mods are to driven in their ways to change.

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What’s wrong with the current mods? They’re just doing their jobs.

If you have a problem with them, you have problems with authority.

A change of mods wont solve anything.


You shouldn’t feel that way. I think you have a lot of friends here. I like your posts .
I hope they didn’t delete you .


When people like us wouldn’t have problems with authorities we all still would believe the earth is flat. Common sense must scientifically proven before the authorities change it

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honey it’s a running joke by the long standing members

that Daze gets more suspensions than anyone. Can you not have a brain, or an opposing opinion, can you not say how you feel? haha.

Yea think mods don’t like you daze because they suspend you a lot.

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Please don’t call me honey.

sorry, Where’s @anon39054230 he knows I typically do.

Nothing personal, I just find it belittling.

Anyway, my brief video is totally on point, do you want to see it again?

I’m sorry daze, but your video is just a bunch of nonsense.

You’re not being targeted.

Its time you took responsibility for your own actions and stop being such a victim.


You tried amnesty international?