Why do I always

Worry about what people think of me? God I hope I’m not doing this in my forties. Upstairs neighbor yelled at me again. @77nick77 talk some sense into my mind

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Yeah, schizophrenia never takes a holiday.
Try to do something else for yourself. The guy yelled and it’s over with, most likely he’ll let you alone now.

Pick your battles. When I was living alone for six years there was an ethnic majority who looked down on people. I tried for years to win and I was calling my step-dad and my sisters all the time about it. My step-dad told me to let it go it was something I could never win. I didn’t follow his advice and thus I was unhappy, stressed, and angry much of the time and I didn’t even win anything. Sound familiar?
Some battles you just can’t win.

But you shouldn’t be dealing with heavy serious stuff today. It’s your holiday, keep it easy and a little cheerful. Hey, maybe you can order some great pizza to be delivered or Chinese food or something. Here where I live we have a service called “Door Dash.” They deliver food from restaurants to your door, they have a hundred choices at least. Maybe there’s something similar near you.

It’s probably best to get out and get a little fresh air and maybe a little sunlight. I always do worse if I’m cooped up in my little apartment. Ignore, ignore, ignore. In AA they say “Don’t let people (like neighbors or rude strangers) rent space in your head.” Don’t obsess about people, it doesn’t help and it makes things worse.

IDK, maybe attempt to get ice cream again or a piece of cake or pie. Do you have any nearby parks or lakes or hills? Take a hike, feed the ducks, walk a little. The smallest things can make a difference in your mood. Maybe rest up and build up your energy to go somewhere. I had a crappy morning but as life is wont to do I got out and some good things happened to me and some bad things happened. It was nice getting out, I went for a walk but I drank too much juice and had to turn back so I sat in my car sipping a coke and listening to the Beatles. I find when I am out in public that I can get miserable. …But…I’m almost always glad I did it and got out.

And it’s probably like my sister told me just last week. A lot of people like me who I am not even aware about. I bet it’s true of you to. You have to make a conscious effort to let people like you.

People are where it’s at; you can’t live without them. Anyways, it’s still early; maybe you can salvage the day and have something positive happen to you. Good luck.


Thanks Nick. :blush: Quasall


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