Why do i keep getting suspended?

probably get suspended for writing this

…because you keep bringing up God…

It doesn’t bother me, but some here can find it triggering as religion can be a part of psychotic episodes.


no i dont, i hardly talk about it

Do you own a petard? That’s a prime cause.

I haven’t really seen any of your comments but maybe your inadvertently causing problems. There’s no rules listed(I think) so it would be easy to step on some toes and not even know it. The mods on this forum are great, maybe even better. Try having a talk with one of them and ask them how you can properly follow the rules and ask any questions you might have on anything your unsure you can do on here. I’m sure they’ll send you a list of rules(if they have one).

It’s probably all the God talk, or more to the point the impression that you are trying to preach religion at people. You are entitled to your views on religion, but they need to be expressed elsewhere.

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thanks, i’ve seen the rules and they are so complicated it really hard to understand

thanks firemonkey but i cant remember ever preaching anything on here before except to take meds and things

I notice Daze got suspended again…what did she do this time? I missed it.

its not nice getting suspended

I missed it too. I sometimes wonder whether she wears her suspensions like a badge of subversive honour .

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makes me feel sick, i use to be valued on this forum (i think)

its just sad

…or perhaps she relishes the rebellion…enjoys being cast out…to prove and flaunt her individuality.

Oh pls stop it you’re not anyone’s victim…but your own unthoughtful comments.
Same as me, when I was behaving bad.

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i use to feel valued on this forum

I think that was what I was trying to say just using different words. I do think there is something deliberate about her actions.

i’m not even allowed to say shut up anymore

You can still be valued. Just tone down the religious stuff.


thats the thing though, i have,

All I’m saying, stop selfvictimizing and get responsibility for your own actions. Think about what you’re doing wrong instead always blaming someone else, whether its a human or an evil Fortune or whatever.
What works in real life is also in here.