Why do I have so many nightmares each night?

I suffer from insomnia so a good nights sleep is very important to me. I’ve been on sleeping meds for 20 years.

The only problem is every night I have disturbing nightmares and after having them repeatedly I say f@#k it and wake at 4am and nap during the day.

I have a stress free life thanks to my wife, kids and meds. I had a trouble free childhood. No trauma. Generally happy with my environment. Apart from sz which is medicated properly and eliminating all stresses and triggers I don’t know what to do.

I’m waking several times each night with a cold sweat and a brief memory of the nightmare which can be repetitive or random.

Just took a xzanx at 4am and turned the tv on.

Any tips on reducing the nightmares?


I had nightmares recently but it was due to the nicotine patch.

Also have some experience with insomnia but that was due to the abilify which didn’t agree with me.

I’m sorry maybe there is someone else who can help more.

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I think sleep meds can cause nightmares, especially at high doses. I’m taking 50mg seroquel for sleep. When I tried 75mg I got vivid nightmares.


I had horrific nightmares on seroquel.


I’ve been on the same exact sleeping meds for over three years.

I’ve tried so many different combinations of sleeping meds for over 20 years. What I’m on puts me into a deep sleep and no hangover in the mornings.

It’s the cold sweats and vivid nightmares which wake me now.

It’s now 7am and I’ve just puked. Nerve related maybe as I couldn’t settle back.

Thanks for your input. I’m sorry to hear I’m not alone in having bad dreams. I just can’t get to the route of them. They make zero sense.

How happy are you during the day? Are you going through a bad spell? It might be carried over from the day.

What are you on if you don’t mind me asking?

Maybe you have some underlying emotional trauma you could benefit from talking to someone with?
I personally think a lot of dreams are a window into your inner thoughts.

You could try logging your dreams down in a journal and see if there are any repeated patterns.

I also agree that some sleeping pills do cause more vivid dreams.

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