The nights drag on

It’s so awful…finally I am able to sleep again but my sleep is more disrupted than ever for no known reason. My bladder is fairly under control with medication so I am not waking up to pee. I will have these very vivid dreams that feel like they last hours or days even. Then I wake up and inevitably only an hour or 2 has passed. It feels like it takes an eternity to get through every night. And tonight I’ve been having nightmare after nightmare and it makes me not want to sleep anymore. I just woke up from one where I found a baby hanging in my basement. Not ok.

I’m sick of this and don’t know what to do.

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Hugs. Is nightmares a side effect of any of your meds?

Nope and I have not changed meds at all :confused: I think I jinxed myself because I had just been commenting on how I’d been having no nightmares lately and it was so refreshing.

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I go through good and bad periods also, when it comes to nightmares. Sadly, we can never say they are gone for good. Do you have access to a deep breathing or guided meditation exercise you can do when you wake from one?

Well luckily I have my boyfriend with me so I can cuddle with him until I calm down. He knows I get bad nightmares and is very supportive/comforting afterwards.

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I hate insomnia.I am now on 5mg of zyprexa but I find it difficult to sleep…I am wondering if my next psych visit I should ask for 10mg so that I might sleep better

I asked my doctor for seroquel but it gives me such a bad sleep hangover that I can’t wake up the next morning. It helps the earlier I take it but I don’t really want to take my sleep aid at 6 pm to be honest. Also while it does help put me to sleep it does not exactly always keep me asleep it maybe helps me sleep through the night the first few times I take it and then I’m waking up regularly again.

I’ve monitored my sleep using a fitbit before and every single time I go into rem sleep I wake up. Every time. I don’t know why but it explains why I always rememebr my dreams.

Update: apparently it is common in narcolepsy to wake up directly from REM sleep and I have narcolepsy so that explains that mystery

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Seroquel is really good for sleep?
I might ask my doc to change me from zyprexa to seroquel.If he doesn’t I hope increase zyprexa dosage somehow

Zyprexa and seroquel are both the same class of antipsychotic and they both make you sleepy. Maybe one will work better than the other for you though who knows.

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I am hesitating to increase my dose,the reason is I have always been on low dose and psych do agree more doesn’t helped me.Recently my sleep got worst even on zyprexa 5mg I could have 2 or 3 sleepless night which is really horrible.

Have you tried melatonin?

nozinan helped me a lot

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