I'm about to give up

It’s the same ■■■■ everyday. Trying to ignore all the bs. When will it end?

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Can you be specific? Maybe it’s not going to go away. Maybe you just have to learn to live with it.

People harassing me everyday.

Yeah, that’s something that probably isn’t going to change. You need either more support or to relocate. Or even both.

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Can’t you move somewhere quiet? I’d suggest a detached coach house somewhere where you won’t hear anyone around you.

I don’t think move house will help her. She seemed very delusional about her neighbors. She needs the adjustment of medication.

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I have the same problem as her, with thought broadcasting, thinking people are talking about me. The only thing that keeps me sane is that my house has mostly quiet neighbours.

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That makes sense.


How do you cope with it?

Roxanna you need medication so you can get sleep and be healthy again. All this stress is hurting you. You need a quiet place to stay, stable nutritious meals, new friends, a safe environment, doctors to heal other health problems that may contribute to stress (e.g. Heart problems, blood-sugar problems, digestive illnesses etc), and you can find this all for free if you’re in the states at a public psychiatric hospital. All you have to do is walk in and say you want to speak to a doctor. Boom done! He or she will give you sleep aids so you can rest and you’ll wake up feeling WAAAAY better. A few weeks from now everything could be as it was before, but better because you’re stronger and wiser now from this experience. Ask a friend if they will drive you there, that’s what I would do. Do it for yourself, your friends, your family, for God, for the future generations of young women who will also face mental illness. You can set an example for them and break the norm of simply “coping” with mental illness on ones own and really change someone’s life in the future. Please don’t delay. I’d love to see you back here posting about how your health is fully recovered. It would be a true success story! Please ask for help, it takes great humility but you can do it! I believe you will make a full recovery :slight_smile:


The quiet place to live in is important, and then I focus on things that reduce brain inflammation, like antipsychotics, Boswellia and painkillers. Next I’m going to change my diet to remove inflammatory foods like dairy and grain and sugar, to see if that helps.

Are they just voices from schizophrenia ?

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Imagine your face has dimples where there none. That works for me temporarily.

Well, this ain’t going to help but my family lived in an apartment most of my high school years. You just have to learn to tune noise out and ignore it. You are not going to have silent neighbors. We had loud neighbors downstairs. The woman was nice but very loud and loved to talk. She had her little social group outside and we had to hear it. And their screen door slammed 4 or 5 times a day. But you just learn to accept it. I’m overly sensitive to sound too but I can see half the time it’s me. It sucks but you can’t retaliate because it could escalate. Just ignore everything outside your own four walls.

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Thank you Nick. I realize that now. Morning

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Why don’t you make a little list of our suggestions like this, tape it to your cupboard and read it every time you start to get upset at your neighbors?

Are you mad at me?

Not one bit. …

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Good idea. 15151551515

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U should go to ur neighbours and smash a beer bottle and hold it up between u and them and says this has got to end we gotta squash this beef or end up like tupac and biggie