Why do east coast and west coast rappers battle?

I watched that movie last night about Biggie Smalls. I just was wondering why rappers have wars. Maybe @gratitude knows?


Hip hop is full of rivalries especially based upon region. First you gotta get popular locally. And then when you become king of your region you battle kings of other regions. I don’t think it’s about east and west. “But riders and punks, power and money” and some other things Tupac said. Tupac and biggie were the best in the mid 90s and they were of different styles but not so much different as Tupac was originally from the east coast. The coast to coast thing is overrated. It’s more about gangs and money and stuff then some actual rivalry over what region you’re from. It just happened Tupac had his own kinda posse/gang. Going up against biggies posse and gangsters. And they talked about east vs west a lot. But Tupac wanted to end the east vs west. He was going to make death row east. Death row, a west coast record label. He was gonna have wu tang and others join his label. He was gonna get other east coast artists on it. Got my mind made up is a song with both east coast and Tupac and west coast artists for example.

If Tupac didn’t die you probably wouldn’t hear so much about east vs west. But Tupac died. Then biggie died. It was like west vs east. And it ended fatally for the Kings of both sides. But if Tupac had lived I believe all the beef woulda been more or less squashed. Then new beefs would have arised

Hip hop is very competitive. And gang membership became a thing in it because it’s the representation of the urban lifestyle. And for a lot of artists that means the crips and bloods and stuff.

I dunno who killed who exactly. I have my theories but they’re probably wrong. But I think it’s more about money than region.


In the movie last night someone came to Biggie’s hotel and beat up Tupac. Tupac blamed Biggie for it so I really don’t know what happened. It was a good movie.

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I’ve seen the movie. Tupac was shot in the elevator. They made Tupac look really bad in that movie. Notorious. I suggest watching all eyez on me next. Tupac’s biopic.

Tupac and biggie were originally friends then they became Enemies. Tupac was shot in an elevator in New York. First person he saw was biggie after. He blamed him. And biggie made the song Who Shot Ya shortly after. According to one of those movies.

There’s many conspiracy’s. One of them is suge knight killed Tupac. I used to believe that 100%. And suge Knight is west coast.

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