New 2pac albums coming out


They say there are still 3more 2pac albums coming out in the future. Dr.dre might be producer im so excited. Pass life album was not bad. The loyal to the game one I didn’t care for that much


I hope there’s a new Tool album coming


How is he still putting out records. He’s been gone 20 years. Not a complaint, love his music, but why wait so long to release?


How do you want it? How do you feel? Coming up as a ****** in a cash game living in the fast lane. I’m for real. Love 2pac


yea i was actually a ghost writer on that for pac. I mean i was only a toddler when his last albums dropped but i had some pretty dope skills even back then




I produced how do you want it?


Never heard of pass life, must check it 2pac. Think I heard him mention schizophrenics before


Love 2pac 15151515151


This is not a stab of anyone, but I sometimes wonder how many people would praise Tupac if he hadn’t been killed.
It seems like every time a celebrity gets killed or dies, people were suddenly their greatest fan and everything they did was gold.
I know a lot of people in real life who weren’t even born when he died, and they’re still like “yah he was the best”


Tupac was my favorite since 7th grade :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. When I heard the name Tupac I thought he must be good…before I ever heard a song. Then he became my very favorite. Would have much preferred if he stayed alive. He would have changed the world I think. His legacy would have been greater had he stayed alive. That’s why Tupac is so appraised. I think people truly believe that. He had a huge social impact. And that’s why I believe he was killed.

Idk I don’t know for sure. No one does. But he meant a lot to his movement I believe


Called pacs life actually

Not pass. I think he meant.


Oh yeah that’s not great, I hate Ashanti. I think r u still down is the best


The intro is so haunting, I think it’s beautiful. Thug life b**ch!


That guitar solo is class


Yeah, gives me goosebumps every time.


2pac song called 16 on death row. He says schizophrenic on that song


Oh yeah! One of the best songs on it. I’ve been listening since I was 15, never gets old. Changes is quality as well


Well yeah. That’s kind of what happens when artists die. It’s like how a painting’s value skyrockets after the death of the painter.