Any tupac fans on here?

What do yall think of that new tupac movie coming all eyez on me? Do u think it looks good or cheesy? I hope it’s good but the trailers kinda make it look like a music video

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Every black person is a tupac fan for some reason, interestingly I don’t really idolize him. but I respect him for his contribution to hip hop.

I was a huge 2Pac fan when I was into rap, which was throughout the 90s. He and the Geto Boys were my favorites. I wasn’t aware of a movie having been made, but then I don’t have tv service and I never go to movie theaters, so I tend to be behind on such things. Who knows, it could be good. I thought Straight Outta Compton was an interesting movie (I was an Eazy fan as well).

Not really, but I saw the movie he was in in the nineties. Not a bad actor, actually.

He was in a few movies. One of them was “Juice,” I loved that one.


I seen all his movies. Juice takes the cake

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what’s up my man easy i am huge 2pac shakur …fan …!!!
All eyez on me…!!!
Me against the word…!!!