Why did they do that to us

All i ever asked for was a good medication for the brain that will remove the delusion and help us continue our studies all we got was trouble and shitty stuff that the least they could do to treat us why did they do this they started giving me abilify at hotel dieu de france and i started walking like a zombie and had tremors and even couldnt walk properly then this ugly invega makes me have sleepless nights come on guys is that the best you can do


I hope you find a med that works good for you

I hope you can get a better medication soon. Hopefully the pdoc can help.

i agree i hope you find the right med that does good with tolerable side effects


All of the meds are sh!tty for schizophrenia your just going to have to settle with one and get use to the side effects

I am not going to try all the meds i just tried until now abilify risperdal and invega and i found that invega worked best thats all

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