Why did minocycline 50 mg cure me?


After 3 days!!! I been on all AP with no success over a decade+

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How long you been Ok with this med?

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2 weeks+ cured i only took 3 doses but i had severe herx reaction before it cured me

I want to try doxycycline but scared

Did it get rid of the voices?

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Unfortunately, having a few good / symptom free days doesn’t mean you’re cured.
But I’m glad you feel like the AP is working. Take it as prescribed and stick to it.

As to why, it probably has to do with adjusting the chemical imbalances in your brain.


Is this minocycline something you can buy online??

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Is minocycline an antibiotic? Or an AP?

Looks like it’s an antibiotic that ALSO has antipsychotic effect:

From Wikipedia (bad source, I know, but it’s a good starting place!!)

Antipsychotic effect
Improving negative symptoms of schizophrenia by using minocycline in combination with antipsychotic drugs has been shown in a meta-review based on four meta-analysis systematic reviews.[40]

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It’s a antibiotic. You have to talk to your GP doctor to recommend you to a specialist. There is more info on minocycline on the family schizophrenia forum.

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Looking at the data… seems like a veritable MIRACLE drug!!


I plan on taking to my pdoc about it soon. Currently on clozapine 300mg and it has calmed the voices but hasn’t got rid of them.

The problem with minocycline is that it shouldn’t be taken long term like any other antibiotic.


Yes, I would never take any anti biotic long term.

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Arg. Yeah, maybe it could be taken long-term at like… minimum dose?? 50mg instead of 100mg+?

On the clozapine… 300mg helped a bit, but I’m currently titrating up to 600mg, and it’s ALREADY waaaay better than 300mg… FOR ME, AT LEAST!!

How about lithium? I take 300mg (extended release) twice a day…
My MEMORY is WAY better…
When people start screaming and yelling at me, now I can actually just stand there and NOT RESPOND BACK…
My calmness actually seems to relax them a bit, making them stop yelling sooner.

No more desire to hurt myself OR others.
Lithium + clozapine is da bomb.

Getting mirtazapine for the deficit/cognitive symptoms, too! I’ll let you know how that works out

How much of a charge in voices did you notice going from 300-600mg clozapine? Are voices gone?

The external voices that I hear (a guy and a gal) are always polite…

It’s the INTERNAL voices, the sense of being controlled by some force that is possessing me… along with tons of delusions of grandeur and ideas of reference… I really don’t experience these symptoms, anymore!

THOSE symptoms have gotten waaaay better.

There’s still some involuntary thinking that makes me blush, but not as much as before.

I’m also more able to talk to people, face-to-face…
SO much quieter on the inside.

OH, I’ve also been taking:
120mg propranolol (at bedtime, every night, instead of PRN - as-needed)

Ask your pdoc about metformin - it can help reduce the super-high blood-sugar lvls that clozapine can induce…

My doctor just put me on Mirtazapine, at my request… hoping that will be good for OCD / Social Anxiety / etc

Starting up (because of the posts about them on THESE FORUMS!! woo! Thank you!!)

600mg NAC 2x/day
3g L-Lysine 2x/day
200mg L-Theanine 2x/day
8g Myo-Inositol 2x/day

If you can afford a fancy multivitamin, try “Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0” I do one scoop in the morning, one scoop at night… it’s $60 for 1 month’s worth, but it is SUPER-STRONG! Took me 3 days to get used to it, which tells me that I probably had some vitamin/mineral deficiency.

Um… let’s see.

I also take a regular (Centrum) multivitamin in the morning.
A bit overkill to take 2, but it makes me feel better.

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Yes it did, but it doesnt work for everyone, it did on me but all AP fails on me i mean every!

What are your long term plans then?

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I would not buy it online i wanted to do this at first too
but buying meds online is dangerous it a cheap anti biotic but please talk to a medical pro first friend

Hi Mike

Minocycline can cause hyperpigmentation of the skin if taken for years but in that time something better might come out hopefully, but i also recommend a pro biotic taken as it depletes and affects your gut too it kills the good and bad bacteria in your gut the mino i gotten some problems with that.

If you want to try, im not sure everyone is different, but there is scientific proof that it was discovered by accident in Japan where someone with schizophrenia had lung infection and was treated with minocycline and all his psychosis symptoms also dissapeared after 3 days and 2 weeks later psychosis gone, but he relapsed also after quiting minocycline, thats what ive read