Why did minocycline 50 mg cure me?

I think schizophrenia and psychosis is an auto immune disease thats why, or a hidden infection in the brain, or associated with a lyme type disorder or anything else? Your toughts are welcomed… :slight_smile:

Believing you are cured, and actually being cured are two different things. After 10 years of AP’s, I highly doubt this drug has cured you in 3 days.

Let us all know how you are doing a month or two from now.

Good luck to you just the same.

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I am not cured right now, im not on any anti biotic, i do take AP abilify that makes my mood worse a beta blocker and clonazepam for anxiety

for the rest im not cured no, but what i felt during my short term minocycline exposure, is that my schizophrenia was gone for a while and it was by recommendation by my psychiatrist

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While i was exposed to minocycline it started to work after 3 days for depression was entirely gone and my psychosis started fading away i felt good! not manic, just normal

but now i am suffering, i am going to see my doctor on friday and ask for doxycycline if possible to start this with a high dose pro biotic to protect my gut.

thanks ill report back

you’re not cured…you’re probably manic…i would contact your pdoc as soon as you can and let him know you are taking this antibiotic !! schizophrenia is not an infection !! repeat not an infection !! cease and desist using the antibiotic.

Sometimes psychosis is caused by active infections… viruses, parasites, general microscopic organisms…

There’s a LOT of different possibilities, unfortunately…

Which is why we’ll probably need to go with personalized medicine, in the next couple decades.

If the antibiotic works…
I wouldn’t complain!
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!!

It’s kinda like how statins can reduce inflammation, especially the ones that cross the blood-brain barrier effectively/efficiently… reducing brain inflammation can help reduce / remove psychosis…

There’s already a term for it…
ah, yes

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He shouldn’t stop taking the antibiotic without a doctor’s approval that can cause whatever infection he probably started with to get worse.

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I think Minocycline cured you because, it killed the bacteria that was producing the toxin that was affecting your brain.
Once all the bacteria are dead you should be able to stop taking the antibiotic.

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Simonw, okay tomorrow i am seeing my pdoc maybe he can shed some light


How did seroquel go @jeroenp?

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after 2 months a normal dose not well especially the sedation, weight gain and increased depression and almost fainting like i said AP do not work

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I’m sorry you had those issues, especially the fainting. I had that before, i think it drops blood pressure. Was it at least ok for psychosis?

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no, but everyone is different i just dont react to AP not even clozapine which was the worst for me

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Are you unmedicated right now?

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sadly no :frowning:

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