Doxycycline for schizophrenia negative symptoms


Its in my mind, i cannot tolerate minocycline anymore i am resistant after 4 trials,

should i give doxycycline an attempt with a high dose pro biotic, its under consideration for a doctor

for me this can propably work but at what costs, any precautions?


Wow - I don’t know anything about this. Sorry I can’t offer an educated comment on this, but hope it goes well for you.

Are they now prescribing antibiotics for negatives? I don’t understand. :thinking:





I don’t know about anybody else but, I wouldn’t want to take an antibiotic long term. No way.


I was on all these meds for skin things and never noticed any change in my symptoms. Minocycline (I think it was that one) took away my sense of taste entirely. Horrible.


Thanks @jeroenp

Why no to longterm antibiotics @ginalovea2?


Because taking too many antibiotics makes you resistant to antibiotics when you come down with infections.


ok thanks @ginalovea2

I hope you get some relief from your negatives @jeroenp.


Makes you resistant to that antibiotic anyway.


i hope no adverse effects