Doxycycline might work on me with a high dose pro biotic to protect my gut

doxycycline might work on me with a high dose pro biotic to protect my gut

what is the recommended dose for schizophrenia?

minocycline 50 mg worked on me, total allemoriation of negative symptoms, feeling great for a while

i have a paranoid psychosis maybe with a tick positive standard result test, schizophrenia for a decade now i respond to amantadine 100 mg (anti viral), minocycline 50 mg, cipro ear drops

the only anti psychotic i responded too is low dose seroquel 75-100 mg and it never worked again after 2 months after trying it like 10 times it never worked anymore…

Should i do the doxycycline therapy?

What was amantadine like? How did you get it and what effect did it have on you ?

Regarding Doxy I would suggest that YES you could cautiously try it. It has been around for over 50 years and has a very good safety profile. It is prescribed for long term use 3 months - 12 months ( ie anti malaria as a prophylactic ) and is relatively well tolerated. It has been trialled off label for numerous indications and I believe there are studies that include sz. If you got a good response to minocycline than you may also get a good response to this and it may be an additional weapon in your armory. You should inform your pdoc about what you are doing - he/she will most probably not agree but will atleast know what you are doing and I am sure would not object too strenuously (atleast mine didnt :slight_smile: ) .
You may also want to trial some OTC NSAIDS as I got quite good relief from a combo of Doxy and Diclophenic Sodium. Again keep your Doc posted.

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That’s unusual.
How does that effect you and for how long?

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yes it was very unusual those ear drops my concentration and listening was in 4d, and psychosis gone

how i reacted to amantadine i got depression relief but not psychosis infact i started to develop psychosis but i quit it in time to not have a secondairy amatadine induced psychosis, it started to kick in after a week be carefull tho

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several weeks after only taking few dosages but after i tried it again i got a week psychotic, strange things are happening,

that was 3 years ago