Why did I go to America 30 years ago

I went to study at one business school, I suppose I wanted to see the world, I would have never guessed I would spent next 13 years in America, I was young, 21 years old and I had courage, courage even to marry in America, but now at my current age I would not go to America, a life just went in that way.


I understand you. There are some things I did when I was younger that I wouldn’t do now. I was really vulnerable because my schizophrenia wasn’t estabilized and some people took advantage of this. I can’t forgive this people and I can’t forgive myself.

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Don’t be too hard on yourselves! Both of you!


In the past it overcame me to pack my things and move on. I wouldn’t know where to move on these days? It is now 20 years i live in the same city. I wonder if i ever had it somewhere else that good.
A real place to die for.

I think I moved enough when I was young, I am happy to live in my little town now, I am hoping to live next 30 years at least here and when I am over 80 years old I’ll probably die too in my little town. When I was younger I travelled and saw places in the world, maybe that was enough, sometimes I am just happy to sit on the park bench and listen to birds singing. I think that the best in America was all that traveling I did while I lived in America. I was young and wanted to see the world. Now I do not want to travel anywhere. Today I am afraid of airplanes, one reason not to travel. When we are young we have courage and desire to see the world, but when we get older this desire goes away somehow.


Same here. Living here for that long gave me slowly but surely peace of mind. The best spot is in my apartment. I know a few good spots around here to have some quiet time. It’s great. Sadly my parents were a bit thick and i just wanted to get away from them. Otherwise I would still live at home where i had almost everything but peace. I got what i wanted and took me 30 years.

This is same with me thinking, “Why on earth did I get physically ill and why did I go to Korea?”

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