Feeling pretty anxious today - pdoc s body language upset me

2 weeks ago I asked my CPN if she could ask my pdoc if I could up my seroquel because of anxiety.

She spoke to my pdoc and he said he wanted to see me. I met him a week ago.

I find him to be a bit of a bully. If a nurse or family member is there he is completely different than if it just me.

Throughout the appointment his body language betrayed his thoughts. He constantly took off his glasses, leaned back and rubbed his temples.

At one point he asked why are we even meeting today. I was so taken aback I didn’t know what to say and in my panic forgot all about the quetiapine.

I don’t like him


In the military psych ward I had a doc clutch his leg and he made a fist like he wanted to punch me. Complete jerk. Started asking me about throwing rocks in glass houses. He was just trying to scare me.

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Sorry, friend. Not all pdocs are polite or respectful. The important thing is whether or not they get your meds right. With NHS you guys can’t just request different doctors, right? If you’re stuck with him, maybe you can write down your questions ahead of time, so if his rudeness flusters you, you can still remember what you wanted to ask.


My belief is that some psychiatrists feel threatened mentally,not physically, by intelligent patients. It’s harder for them to play the ‘Human God’ to mere human role in such circumstances.


He is so full of contradictions. One minute he is saying this latest episode isn’t psychosis because I can talk in sentences. Next thing he is saying I can go inpatient for six weeks to start clozapine.

Go figure!

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I agree with him that my major problem this minute is anxiety. I just don’t like or trust him

they probably get a lot of people in psychosis which can be difficult. Seeing 20 very emotional, sometimes violent, or suffering from serious delusions can probably get stressful and scary. Im sure they get atleast one person per day who has a history of being violent so they never know whats gonna happen

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