Why coffee has no effect?

Is it because it is instant coffee that it doesn’t wire me?


I only drink instant.

I used to drink regular coffee but it increased my panic attacks and anxiety so I had to quit.

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It never used to affect me

But now I am down to two cups a day any more than that I notice

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I think my medication keeps the coffee at bay. I hardly feel a thing when I drink it so I drink a lot less these days. I’m blaming my drug.


I can down 4 energy drinks and feel barely anything. It’s the meds and the numbing of the transmitters I think… I’ve been on them for years! It messed me up!

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Instant coffee is the price you pay for hurrying. Get a drip coffee it taste better, if it give you anxiety lower the amount.

That’s not coffee.


Fixed it for you :stuck_out_tongue: .

Stuff would not taste like your dog if you stopped kissing her on the mouth.

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i heard instant has less caffiene. also over using caffiene can cause you to become insensitive to it. youd have to stop coffee for a while or atleast reduce intake to regain sensitivity to it

Same here. I can even drink 2 liters of energy drink before sleeping. x)