Why can't it all be so simple?

I believe there’s a song about this…

Why can’t everything just be so simple?

When I’m driving around everything seems so simple. It’s just me, the other drivers and the rules of the road.

But we tend to make life so damn complex its scary sometimes!

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Yeah unfortunately man there isn’t anything you can do. You’ll come to accept it eventually. I just did about a month ago.

I do think that things will slowly change. Open education. Erosion of stigma. Overall trustworthyness and trust between people.

It’s all a big filter. You gotta do your best if you want the best for yourself. It’s implicated by scarcity.

Unfortunately societal standards are forced upon us. But fighting that is something that the realists in this world respect.

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Complexity has proven to be extremely profitable for the entrepreneur, owner and shareholder classes. They tend to have more lawyers, guns and money with which to control the politicians. I think we have to accept thing the way they are unless or until the wealth-accumulation addicts run the planet into the ground.

Its just people can be difficult and life can be hard.