Why aren't the meds working anymore?

I’ve been really going through a hard time. From my notes from therapy and group, I see that I may be relapsing. My meds were upped, yet I still seem to be spiraling. My dreams, my sleep, my beliefs, the paranoia all are going out of wack. I’m even eating fairly healthy and just drinking water and tea. I am panicking all the time now for no reason. My palms and underarms are constantly wet. I fear the world is about to end with so much going on. Why aren’t my meds working anymore? I thought I may be sick with cancer or something, but I had a complete check up (blood, physical…etc) and my physical health came back great. I can’t stop thinking that people are out to get me. I can no longer see that they aren’t. I don’t know. I’m sick to my stomach. I’ve been on so many different meds. Just needed to vent.

Maybe you are on the wrong meds?

You still wanna be able to feel even on meds I would start self-expression like Zumba or art

I like to write, but I am so worried about what I write that someone will find it.

Remember to breathe.

We all need a med tweak every now and then. Symptoms just flair sometimes. Have you any other support? Someone you can talk to that you trust?

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I do have group therapy, but I don’t go into much details as I am horrible in crowds. I told my daughter (actually she over-heard me talking on the phone to my clinician). I haven’t though gone into details with her. I do have a best friend that I talk to regularly, but I am too embarrassed to tell him or I just keep thinking I will be bugging him. He doesn’t understand sz very well.

Can you ring the group therapy leader and just talk one to one? I’m sure it wouldn’t be to much of problem with him or her. Something to think about at any rate. Phone counselling lines might help also. Sometimes it helps more to talk in real time rather than type on-line. .

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That’s a thought. I might take her aside tomorrow and ask her after our group is over with.

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Not sure of the time difference but can you ring her now if it’s not to late?

You might also try sevencupsoftea.com they are good to talk to at anytime of the day or night.

Meds need tweaked every now and then. Even with meds it’s possible to have symptoms pop up and become problematic. Try to talk to your group leader. When I was going to groups my group leaders noticed when I was upset and when I had increased symptoms. Problem is since I’m going to a clinic in another town I don’t get to go to groups anymore. Now if I have problems I have to be vocal with my doctors.

You might try using this checklist to communicate with either your doctor or therapy leader:

Here is a checklist that has been used and researched to show that its helpful to people:

Two-Way Communication Checklist (2-COM)

We have details about this here:

This European study used the Two-Way Communication Checklist (2-COM), which is a questionnaire that was developed with the aim of improving communication between patient (who suffers from mental illness) and professionals. The 2-COM is a simple list of 20 common problems, or areas of perceived need that might be experienced by those with severe mental illness. The list includes problems with housing, relationships, money, lack of activities, psychological distress, sexuality, symptoms and treatment side-effects. In the study, patients are provided with the 2-COM prior to seeing their doctor and given simple instructions to help with its completion, guided on indicating which of the 20 problems apply to them and highlighting things they would like to discuss with their doctor during their clinic appointment. The authors report that using a completed checklist to guide discussion during the clinical interview extends the appointment by an average of 13 min.
As such, the 2-COM is a simple tool that can help people discuss their needs so that there can be better communication and changes in clinical management.

Checklist improves communication between doctors and patients and results in changes in care

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for ME i think meds is only useful in addition/with something else like one-on-one therapy. its good youre keeping your body healthy but have you worked on keeping youre mind healthy, like challenging why you are thinking this way or whats causing the relapse. youre going to groups, so you could ask there and see if others have experienced what youre going through and maybe get some info back from them.
maybe you are anxious about something subconsciously and finding the root of it will maybe help you.
you said you been on so many meds this is a reason why i think meds should be short term solution, for me, i dont want to be reliant on them and thats a reason why im off them, but for others, they swear by them and i have no problem with that

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. My doctor decided to put me on another anti-psychotic to try. I forget the name but it is very new. Anyway, the pharmacy told me that it would cost me $492 for a 30-day supply. That is with my insurance. I’m just going to stick with Invega I guess. Things haven’t mellowed out at all. I’m seeing things in the house, voices won’t quit, getting very depressed, unsure of the future. I talked with my group on Wednesday and nobody seemed to care even when I said I feel like my brain is dying. That is what I feel like. My son and daughter were so worried about me yesterday that they stayed home from school and work. What will make this go away? So far four people have told me I need to go to the hospital, but I don’t want to. For the first time I don’t think of it as a safe place. I’m scared of it now. I’m worried what will happen to my three kids (14, 17 and 20) if I go in. Will they have enough food? Gas? Get to school and work? Who will pay the bills? Ugh.

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We’d all like to find the “magic bullet” ASAP (me, too). But virtually all of these new, stupifyingly expensive meds go generic in time, and become available at manageable prices. (I had to go fight in a war to be able to get my meds on the cheap. I’m not entirely sure it was good idea.) (Well, duh.)

I am very curious to hear the name of that new med, btw.

Bingo. (15 characters)

Two thumbs up. I keep a digital copy of this in my files and shoot it at people regularly. Very useful.

I think the first letters were “Ase” or “Asen”? Something like that. Never heard of it before. She just told me it was one of the newest on the market. I have been waiting for Invega to go generic, but I was told it will take a few more years before that will happen. Sorry you had to go to war to get your meds cheap. Why can’t they just make meds cheaper?