Why are psychosis wrong?

why do i need to take medication for it? i was made this way by nature or by god. i dint take my medication last night and i feel much better right now. usaly i get wery bad tru out the day, hopefully that dont happen this time… the only reason i take medication is because when i quit cold turkey like i always do. i get this unlivable feeling in my head and body, its just that i feel wery bad. thats my only problem i feel wery bad. after my hospitalization i went tru a depression or what it what. after the break down or after i got depressed or the psycosis lifted, my life has been ■■■■. after that day i always needed to be on medication. i was 24 then im 25 now. before the depression i didnt need to take medication some times i did. but i could stay for months without it. but the closer i got to my depression or the psycosis lifted i needed medication to stay alive. i dont know if i should really be alive. i want to live without medication, because medication dont do ■■■■ to my. it makes my stupid,quiet, i cant do simple stuff. i cant use my head for the simplest things. i dont hear what people are saying. i cant drive a car , because i cant concentrat. cant work either because i cant do head math. i cant do nothing. i mean nothing. this is no life. its no life. and the people that work with my… seems to give a ■■■■ my shrink or p doc or therapist whatever. always smile and happy when she sees my. like ewrything is fine and she are doing a god thing keeping me on medication. i dont work with medication. i work in the beginning when i quit medication. but then i get worse. i wouldent be alive if its wasent for medication. and thats not a god thing. im alive but am i alive? i dont feel alive on medication. all my friends dont want te to go on medication. bye

I assume you’re talking about anti psychotics. They prevent you from becoming psychotic, and thereby harming yourself (or worse).

It’s like people with diabetes have to take diabetic medication or they die. Same thing with anti psychotic medication, as psychosis can kill you.

i havent taken my meds yet and this is the longest iv been without wanting to kill my self without the medication. what is happening. am i out of the psycosis? or is it that i feel good because i quit meds? maybe if i take the meds now they will work? maybe it wasent meds that ■■■■■■ me up. maybe it was psycosis. i have been on meds almost 2 years and it never gave me the life i wanted i struggled all the time on meds.

i don’t think diabetic medication affects how you think

Here’s some truth. God or nature ■■■■■■ up when it made you. You’re broken and the meds help fix what’s wrong with you. If you like being broken then don’t take the meds, but if you want a shot at a decent life then meds can give you that.

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i’ve taken my meds now. i had to think for a little. i took my meds because i wanted to try what it feel like now. and this time it feels good. im not like before. this is the third chapter of my life. my first chapter lasted 23 years the second 2 years and now im on the third.

ive feelt good before on meds but not like now. before i was still in pain and much paranoia.

i think im gonna quit meds again, i feel good in the beginning. but im so ■■■■■■ up on meds. i have always paranoia on meds. the paranoia came back when i take the meds… maybe the meds show me what i cant do and that gets me depressed. i feel much stronger when im not on meds. thats how it should be

nature just made me different. there is nothing wrong with me.

Well the meds may have been making you feel drowsy or sedated and I understand that. But from reading you’re post you do sound a bit disorganized and even a bit manic. When I went off my meds in the summer I felt the same way for about a week, after this week everything went to hell. But you are making this choice, I would advise you though to go back on your meds.

meds arent helping me! why should i take something that doesent give me life?

The meds are keeping you level. Though I can’t argue with you because it’s ultimately your decision. It really sounds at this point you’ve made the choice to go med free, but it’s going to have some consequences.

When I was young I went off of my meds several times. I felt good for about 4 days. I had more energy and felt better and I felt like my old self before I got sick. After 4 days I started freaking out and I was self aware enough to know I was relapsing so I went back on them. I wonder if it will happen to you? I read up on schizophrenia occasionally and I’ve heard that the number one cause of relapse is going off of your medication. A relapse can last many months.

I relapsed even though I was taking my medication faithfully. It set me back in my recovery for a long time. No one likes side-effects but a relapse is worse. I’ve heard a hundred stories about people who went off of their meds and lasted a week or a month or even a year but inevitably they relapsed and it was bad.

The majority of people with schizophrenia need medication. It helps. Sometimes there’s no answer to problems. I can say in my own case with paranoid schizophrenia that the first three or four years that I was on medication, I had bad side-effects like fatigue,
and not feeling like myself. But now 30 years later, I don’t even notice the side-effects. I know that is an impossibly long time to wait but I just thought I would mention it. I just would not recommend going off of meds, I’ve heard too many bad stories.


i think i have Disorganized Schizophrenia, no one have told me this- my psychologist says that they only call it schizophrenia. even do she never have sayd i have Disorganized schizphrenia. its like you poeple and my psychologist, think i have paranoid schizophrenia. wich is much better to have. Unlike paranoid schizophrenia, the common symptoms of this particular subtype do not include delusions and hallucinations. People with disorganized schizophrenia may experience more cognitive symptoms as well as negative symptoms in comparison to positive symptoms. The disorganized type of the illness can make life extremely difficult for a person to carry out daily activities and be a productive member of society. If left untreated, the disorganized symptoms may lead to major functional impairments. The person is unable to think clearly and is unable to connect their thoughts to form organized speech. In other words, they experience nonsensical thought patterns which keep them from staying on track during conversations. During a conversation, the individual may change topics every sentence. It should be noted that the person may make up words. Written forms of communication are also disorganized. They may also experience poverty of speech, perseveration, neologisms, and in some cases, thought blocking. This refers to the fact that the individual may not be able to show or experience any emotion. They may have a completely “blunted” or “flat” disposition because the negative symptoms are so strong that the person is unable to experience emotion. This is essentially an emotionless state of functioning. The individual may talk in a monotone and appear very apathetic. They may make no eye contact with other people and have a blank, expressionless face. Some people with this subtype show no emotion, but others show inappropriate emotion. For example the person may smile, laugh, or grimace at a funeral. This emotion clearly doesn’t reflect the given set of circumstances. The person doesn’t exhibit appropriate emotional responses. Note: It should be noted that sometimes people with the disorganized subtype may experience fragmentary hallucinations and delusions, but these are not as profound as in the paranoid subtype. Additionally, they may socially isolate themselves, have many other cognitive symptoms, and appear “clumsy” or “uncoordinated” to others.There is a need for more specificity when it comes to determining what causes mental illness – especially schizophrenia. In other types of schizophrenia, glutamate and dopamine are thought to play a role in the symptoms. In this particular subtype, it is thought that brain degeneration, circuitry dysfunction, and inappropriate levels of various neurotransmitters all can contribute to symptoms. In cases of refractory disorganized schizophrenia, many treatments may be ineffective. This is why it is important to keep raising awareness so that researchers continue to work towards a cure. This illness is extremely debilitating and in some cases, individuals with it are nearly helpless victims to the symptoms that they experience.

here are paranoid schizophrnia Of the 5 subtypes, paranoid schizophrenia is the most commonly diagnosed. In comparison to other subtypes, individuals with paranoid schizophrenia are most likely to experience positive symptoms rather than negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms. In other words, they are more likely to be plagued with hallucinations and delusions and have less difficulties with focus, concentration, thinking, and mood. With proper treatment and support, individuals with the paranoid subtype are able to lead productive, stable lives.

so thats why im not like you other schizophrenics. you guys sound normal to me just like the rest of them

Even though most people know about positive symptoms that can be experienced, most experts agree that the negative symptoms have a greater impact on overall functioning and wellbeing. In other words it’s not the voices that necessarily cause the most difficulties for people with schizophrenia. It’s the social withdrawal, anhedonia, blunted emotion, and major depression that are most difficult to cope with.

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now i know whats wrong with me. i gess i had to find it out by myself. my psycologist aint saying ■■■■. but its probaly me who are wrong in some way like always

You’re right about one thing, meds can be difficult. But you don’t want the pain of relapse it’s harder to find meds that work. Often the meds that you’re on have to be strengthen. Or changed all together.