Why are pdocs so headstrong on med compliance


My pdoc doesn’t want to take me off invega pills. He said if i come off my meds he will force invega injection on me. I dont have any court order to be on medication. My sex drive is non existant. I feel fuzzy head some days in the afternoon. I feel trapped in this situation. I badly want to stop taking these antipsycotics but i fear that i may be sectioned. What should i do?


If you feel your pdoc isn’t working with you can you see a different one? That might be an option.


A psychiatrists job is to find a label for you and medicate you accordingly.

If you non med compliant you going against what they have been taught

I have been to various psychiatrists and been given a different label every time, makes me wonder if they actually know what the ■■■■ they doing.

Pseudoscience at its finest


That being said i dont have anything against meds. If they working for you and you are happy on them thats great news.

If you are not you should definitely be given the option of switching meds or creating an alternative method.

Psychiatrists are given ALOT of credibility and support by the people in power due to the COMPLETE and misunderstood stigma of mental illness. They think we dangerous serial killers. So i understand where u coming from.

Psychiatrist cant prove ONE disorder out of the 357 in the DSM exist, so its hard for me to treat them like the gods they think they are.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Is it allowed in your country? If you’re in US, I think it’s not allowed. Even in Brazil it’s not allowed. It’s not a good idea to stop medications without medical supervision by the way.


What do you think sz is?


Unfortunately Crocodal no one on earth knows that question, if they did, a cure would be in the vicinity.


I thoughts you have a opinion about that, some crazy theory


Haha man, Psychiatry has just failed me so many times its so hard for me to have hope in it.

They are trying though, we are still in complete infancy stages…I believe if meds are working for you and tranquilizing your symptoms stay on them at all costs. :slight_smile:

Any symptom/disorder is only as severe as to how much it is affecting your life. Some people have extreme anxiety that could affect their lives much worse than someone who has bipolar/SZ ( labels again )… Its all relative.

A treatment plan that WORKS is vital to your well being whatever that plan may be, whether its meds or therapy !!

Just my opinion


If you go off and relapse, it could be worse. That’s probably why.