Anyone else has a psychiatrist that is against meds?

She doesn’t know what to do to my meds :confused:

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My psychiatrist works with me to help me function on the lowest dose I am able to while still controlling positive symptoms and maintaining my insight. I had to exhibt exceptional stability and med-compliance over a period of years to receive this kind of trust and accommodation.

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I am med compliant fyi

You may have to go a few years without threatening a doctor before you are trusted. Trust isn’t handed out overnight. You really torpedoed yourself there.

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She trusts me anyway.

My psychiatrist is totally rad. She works with me on my meds dosages which is fairly substantial dose of around 12 milligrams per day of antipsychotics. I’m accounting for my every three months injection of invega trinza and then my daily dose of risperadone. Meds have kept me off the streets, out of jail stays and for four years now out of the hospital. Best wishes

Good that meds work for ya

Not exactly against.
But he wants me to be
on the least possible meds.

I haven’t met a pdoc who’s against meds.

I did meet pdocs who are against too much meds.

The first time I came out of hospital I had a bag full of meds. My ambulant pdoc replaced all my meds (I believe it were 7) by just 1, Invega.

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He doesn’t blame me for being different on the meds but I. When will you turn 18 y/o?

Next January you know

I dont think any doctor would suggest someone be off meds with sxhizophrenia. Its about finding the right dosage to keep you as normal as possible.

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My psychiatrist raves about psychology
He is very cautious handing out pills because of side effect

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I wish they hadn’t been so eager to put me on a major tranquilizer, because once they did that I became dependent on them. I can’t make it without Geodon and Seroquel. I guess that as long as the taxpayer will fit the bill I will stay where I am, but who knows, it could end with me rambling madly to myself as I search through garbage cans for food.

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I dont blame you for creating an alter ego.

loneliness is fuucking horrible

Never had one against meds. Quite the opposite has been my normal experience. My past pdocs went with the highest recommended dose of 1 antipsychotic and 2 mood stabilizers. This caused compliance issues for me. They would go high and then if I was well and begged they slowly reduced the doses.

My current pdoc is the opposite. I understand he wants me on the lowest possible dose so I function well but it has taken so long to get symptoms under control. This has caused me to question my symptoms thinking “he doesn’t think they are that serious so why should I?”. That caused me to come off of meds last year after I got COVID and needed to take aleve to get my fever down which caused me to have a psychotic break a couple of months later. That was December, thought it was under control and then has 2 breakthroughs a month apart. It almost cost me my job on the second one.

Do you have dumbass caseworkers that ugh idk .I hope you find another pdoc or what. Cod it’s not a good idea to mess with someone who’s having med issues what’s going on?