Why are Anti Psychotics so expensive?

I know alot of research goes into it, but come one.

800 dollars for one injection of xeplion?

Are they filled with gold or something ?

Its fuucking expensive having a mental illness !!


Lawyers. 151515151515


Yeah brand name AP’s can be expensive.
Generics are considerably cheaper.


It’s because drug companies have to satisfy the high levels of greed of their shareholders.


Sometimes it can take years before they come out with generic. Very frustrating. This is why there are so many people have untreated illnesses and are suffering.

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Dude, the whole point of investing is to get a return. When you put something into a venture without expecting a return it’s called charity.

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Reasonable gains from investment are ok. Excessive gains are not. I’m not against shareholders making reasonable gains from an investment. Beyond that it’s wanton greed.


Apripazole is like $800 something a bottle without insurance that’s way too much

800 bucks? Wow, that’s way too much. I’m on 30mg of Aripirazole and with a Medicare affiliated insurance, I pay $12 for a 30 day supply. Can you get insurance?

As I’ve often said before class action lawsuits play a factor. If you have to shell out a billion or more in a lawsuit the only way to make a profit is to raise the prices of everything you make. Here’s another good reason. When you are selling something to 1% of the population it’s difficult to make a profit with a “reasonable price.” That’s why blood pressure meds are much cheaper.

yea bro, the day we drive down the cost of anti-Psychotics is the day we will have a real breakthrough for people with SZ, we need some lawyers and politicians on this. Drug companies are trying to recoup the costs of research and experiments but i fail to see how it could have cost so much. Theyre probably making a ton of profit.

I have insurance I only pay $1.25 per bottle

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Next month when I get my prescription I’ll post a pic of the receipt label thing that says the actual price without insurance it’s crazy !

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us sz have ‘‘class’’ that’s why the meds cost big bucks

That’s good to know.

So you’re okay with me being exposed to a complete loss when I invest, but I’m supposed to have any gains limited? You can’t limit the gains without also limiting the losses. Take away the incentive and no one will invest. No one invests and you have no drugs, expensive or otherwise.

Economics 101, dude.

Being against excessive profits is not taking away the incentive.

Because pharmaceutical companies invest millions of dollars in research and developing them. They need to recover that money and then some. They only have a limited time to do it before the patent comes off and others can come out with less expensive generics. Healthcare is all about money anyway.

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