I Was Going to Write About How If I Had A Trillion Dollars I'd Buy Out a Pharmaceutical Company In the US and Sell Monthly Prescriptions For $20 or Less

But then I thought of how some of the class action lawsuits were over a billion dollars and realized it would only take a thousand of those to eat up my money.

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It’s crazy that they account for high drug costs due to extensive research and development. Like the average person doesn’t notice the CEOs three yatchs and hydron collider in their back yards.

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i dont understand how this whole drug thing works

i feel like it might be run kind of like a legal drug cartel though

Research and development is expensive. Especially psych meds!

Honestly. We need newer paths and such. I think we are at the end of the dopamine drugs…it’s just reinventing the same thing and we need way better answers and drugs.

That cost money. I agree with my shrink. He thinks we may find better answers with research into other disorders. As the population ages we are pouring far more money into alzheimers and other disorders…we may find some answers there!

It’s far more research money!

In estonia 100% of the med costs 23 euros but all patients only pay 1.75 euros per presciption. Its 100% coverage

I feel bad for those whose meds r not funded. There shud b a law that takes from billionaires to give to the poor and needy

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That would be a dream come true!

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