Why are adult mental health services so bad?

Ever since i have been referred its been awful. I dont really need it anymore luckily for me but i feel really sorry for the people who do

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Nine times out of ten it’s lack of funding or resources. Health are dollars tend to go more towards things like people with cancer.


Please do not encourage delusional thinking.


I’m the one responsible for my own salvation. I have had a lot of trouble getting help. My therapists have been mostly incompetent. Nobody here seems to think like me though so maybe it’s my hubris. I live in one of the richest counties in the USA and they always want to cut funding. With all the shootings in the USA there’s supposed to be more funding. I don’t believe anyone who has been a culprit was on medication or even diagnosed.


Honestly, it’s a very sensible approach. I was a couple of years into being ill when I realized that help was non-existent for people like me and I would need to be the source of my own recovery. Or at least most of it. That’s when I started to improve quickly when I took responsibility for my own improved health.