The funny thing about mental health services, in my experience

Every time I’ve needed support and asked for it, sometimes practically begged for it… I was refused.

Every time I’ve not needed support, it seemed to be forced upon me.


I know that scenario!

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yeah, starnge that :slight_smile:

Before i was hospitalised last time because i was not coping i was asking for help.
I called care agencies and asked different people for help.
I pretty much said some one to check up on me once a week or so till im "back on me feet"
I was not hearing voices then but the plumbing kept leaking and that stressed me out cause i didnt feel had money and plumbers said they could not fix it.
Then i might of got disassociation and not managed daily life of shopping food etc.

I would of not needed hospitalistaion if someone had of helped me and just given me a tiny bit of support for few weeks or months.

I was advised not to go to a support group.
They met once a month only and talked.
I went once but they would not let me have my own spirit i think.
I did not go back.

They had a great place in Sweden.
A activity house.

There was woodwork one could do or sewing or pottery or exercise or jewelry making etc and one could buy a super cheap lunch that was freshly made there.
They had occupational therapists.

They later developed a cafe and a garden centre where one could work part time and it was seen as a real job in a way.

Thing is if occupational therapists dont like you and are out to steal from you, bully , psychologically and lie etc then can be difficult.

Would love for there to be place like that here where i live but if people are against ya you aint welcome anywhere really… not even a place that says its out to help ya… maybe it isnt…

I am proud made singlet yesterday.All by myself. Made it in my apartment i live in but i cant follow patterns so may not be best looking but its wearable.

It could be a power things and thats why they want force things on you and take away your empowerment of your own self.

They did not want me to be well or do well specially not be happy and feel like myself.Cause others using…etc
They did not want me at gym because they stole and lied not at dance same reasons pretty much but at dance they spiritually attacked me all of them against me.
They program me maliciously.
not to do positive things, go out for jog, learn to surf, dance (not get attacked…) im afraid of getting attacked n bullied cause it feels awful and they are this.its who n all they are.
I think im tough and there not. they could not take me on one on one unless they cheated (which they do) so im not weak.I may be fragile and delicate though.

Maybe if you write a care plan for yourself or a examples of support you are willing to accept then show these people and tell them what you are ok with and then ask them to perhaps “back off”.

I dont know why they want force support on to you.

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My recent involuntary Hospital stay was totally unnecessary.
I did not deserve to be admitted against my will.
The loon of a psychiatrist at the Hospital found me to be non delusional and yet they kept me there for 2 weeks.
It all started when I called an ambulance for myself because my arms started tingling,I felt dizzy and I had an increased heart rate.
I really felt drugged after I had a few sips of water.
When I confronted my Dad and accused him of drugging my water, he said to me "So what if I did"
When I arrived in the ER at the local Hospital, I made the mistake of telling all of the medical staff the truth of what had happened.
They immediately thought that I was Delusional and involuntarily sent me to the psych Hospital for 2 weeks.
Be very careful going to the ER when you have a Schizophrenia Diagnosis.
You will be scrutinized and made a target by everyone there.

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I know the feeling. They talk about lack of insight and failure to engage with treatment, but often when people are proactive in seeking help they are given the bum’s rush.
With me it got me labelled “awkward,demanding and troublesome” and with psychiatric services having a very negative view of me.

Part of the reason for their negativity re providing help and support was their disapproval of my partner. They had done all they could to break us up in hospital.
Now due to the negativity and their abusive behaviour I am used to keeping a lot to myself and answering in a vague manner, ie “How are you?” “Not bad/so so”.
Their indifference to me now is preferable to their past,vehement animosity.

I did manage to voice my concerns about the probable demolition of my tower block though when I had my depo on Monday.

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I wonder if it’s the old catch 22 thing/joke (is it just a joke?)

If you think you’re going crazy and know it, then you must not be crazy.

If you think you’re fine, then it’s a delusion meaning that really, you’re crazy.

The only problem with that is, sometimes we have true insight of ourselves. Sometimes when we think we are going crazy, we really are. Sometimes we know we are fine, and we really are.

Maybe it’s just that mental health services don’t give a damn.

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