Why am i here?

Im here because of two stupid kids.

And they were horny.

Thats why im here and have to do this.

It’s a little maddening to say the least.

I would never choose to be here, even if i wasn’t schizophrenic i wouldn’t choose to be here.

Stupid ■■■■■■■ kids.


Today’s one of those days where I totally relate man.

■■■■ humanity.

We’re doing no better than dumb beasts. We’re actually wrecking this place.

I was having another thought earlier too. Humanity is naturally oppressive. We think we’re over it these days but we’re not. Not by a long shot.

I never be able to look back into these people. Never see what they are like in there.

I don’t belong here any more. Don’t know if I ever did. Can’t think for ■■■■ on my own. Can’t find a stable sense of self.

Humanity at large is bad, but that is just a reflection of the individuals.

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@pansdisease, in my opinion you need to find yourself a passion. Something that you will invest some time in that will give you a sense of purpose. With all the frustration you harbor I was thinking maybe martial arts, you could convey your vision of the world in some artwork or whatever else you are interested in. It’s not good to be mad at the world like that, I share some of your views but staying in the same spot without searching for enlightment or profound self-improvement will do you no good. I think if you really hated life you would have found a way to stop living by now.

The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows but there is some good in it, I’m sure you see that too.

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My mother couldn’t be arsed to find out my father’s name. Just one of many guys she slept with who knocked her up. Things went downhill from there. Then, once I got her out of my life, I got things to go back uphill again. I refuse to accept that I can’t change my circumstances for the better. Now things are pretty damn sweet.



People suck man.

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It’s the fear, thats why im still here.

Oh, I feel the same way don’t worry. We weren’t given the choice to be alive and live in conditions that are far from ideal, but we can get better with some efforts on our part. I’d be scared to kill myself too.

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Ice cream is a good enough reason for me to be here.