Why am 1 of my friend took antipsychotic and was able to forget schizophrenia?


Why was 1 of my friend(ex colleague) took antipsychotic,probably diagnosed with sz was able to stop taking meds and forget about schizophrenia and live life normally??

He work for my aunty and I heard he was paranoia for a few months but now function like a normal person,he’s like 2 years without medication,sonetimes I get angry why I should take…


Maybe he didn’t forget about sz but he is defitnately doing better and 2 years off meds maybe near 3


Do you know for sure that he was diagnosed with sz? It could have been drug induced paranoid psychosis or something else.


I went into remission after four years and didn’t take meds for five years, with no bad effects. I thought I was cured, then I relapsed, and am now back on meds. Either your friend doesn’t have sz or he is in remission???


yea,he took drug,i guess he is drug induced


Everybody is different. You can do things I can’t do. I might be able to do things you can’t do. It’s the luck of the draw. No two cases of schizophrenia are exactly alike. You’re lucky you can work. It’s useless to compare yourself to someone like your friend and expect that you will be like him. You might have a chance at being like him but there’s no guarantee.
Right? There’s an old saying that comes to mind, “The only guarantees in life are death and taxes”.


You are defitnately right @77nick77 ,no use comparing and trying to be like others…