Why do psychoses nearly always come back?

do you know why? i want to hear your vision on it

Somehow i always thought that once on meds that works, you never get another episode?
I am on aripiprazole 15mg for years and feel very stable on it.
Should i still be worried?

most people get relapsed when they have their lives back on track. and stop their medication.

Hmm i don’t plan on quitting my meds… And i believe i was told meds are for life. I don’t have terrible side effects though, so it’s easy for me to take them.

Some people are treatment resistant (like me).
According to my doctor, relapses are just a normal part of the illness.
I tend to get episodes now and then, that get better on their own or need a medication increase.


That is bad. I do not want that. I do not think that is humane. There are no possibilities to never suffer from it again. Or are you doomed?

Then why do you think that? So you think that people with schizophrenia can get rid of medication completely if they have learned to deal with their symptoms?

I know a girl who is 29. She had severe schizophrenia and had multiple psychoses. She has been able to complete the medication completely and now only takes sleep medication.

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oo you already deleted the post

No, I didn’t. It was deleted.

Was it drug induced? I’ve heard of people with drug induced who have been able to stay sober for a while and then eventually get off meds successfully.

No, she did not use drugs. It started at the age of 14. She had compulsions that she had to stay in bed as long as possible. Then had a few psychoses

Now she has her driver’s license and leads a very quiet life. She walks with her dog for 2 hours a day and that’s it. She gets benefits.

Apparently she has started to learn with her ocd. And in one way or another, she knows how to prevent psychoses. But she talks a lot about death

Of course. I know two guys who also handled schizophrenia with no medicines. But you know, people go for mainstream stuff. They generally don’t question things. It can be considered mean because people with schizophrenia are suffering.

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my father’s psychosis never left but as gotten better with meds and he experiences mostly shadow people in the corner of his eyes or he hears voices.

my psychosis has never gone away either but like my dad it has gotten better with meds thankfully the latuda kind of helps.

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Of course. But you also have to look at the possibilities and course studies. If it is possible to get the maximum out of life despite your illness. Then I think it can be discussed. And that includes medication. Some people can reduce their medicines without relapse. I think that’s okay to talk about.


The mainstream is antipsychiatry and be off meds, those that question things get on meds. :wink:

I don’t know if it’s okay to talk about stopping or reducing medicines here. I posted a documentary here that was flagged and that post of mine was deleted.

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Both are mainstream. High tendencies of antipsychiatry and high tendencies of “take your medicines if not you’ll relapse” are both mainstream.

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The fact is of course that perhaps very vulnerable people are here. And you have to protect them against theirselve. By not saying that medication is bad and so on.
but an open dialogue may well be conducted, I think.

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But as I read your posts, are you pretty optimistic about your own course of disease? That is a good sign. How do you see it develop?

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