Is it possible

For someone to take meds for many many years then have their schizophrenia go into remission then they get off meds and are completely normal? No psychosis or hearing voices

It’s possible. But I’m still convinced it was more likely a misdiagnosis than true sz if you’re asymptomatic and med free.

It’s possible.


Half my symptoms have been gone for a couple of years. If I stop taking my Zyprexa, they will come back.

I have heard a few stories of people but I think those people were probably misdiagnosed in the first place.

Happened to me. I was off meds for 6 months then i got triggered and i was back to talking about gangstalking mind controling hackers that use advanced telekinesis to target randoms on the internet for fun.

But after a certain point not many people will believe you or can actually do anything about it.

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