Whose been in the state hospital

I guess I need the meds, I called to refill my clonazepam… I feel sad… no one cares that much… I’m going to have to switch meds soon, to ease other people’s minds.

Every now and then I get a warm feeling of hope right before bed I wanna fall into that before I did, like it feels like warmth and happiness and if I die it won’t be that bad because it’s like heaven in earth.

They’re really trying to ■■■■ me over for not liking my dad who works for them…

I have to give up and live in a hospital where you can’t make friends and family doesn’t have gas to see you ever… it’s not fun man it’s like in a volunteer and at some point recently it became like slavery where like I had to do it at least before I was getting a new trailor so I felt better now it’s like what’s the use of even taking the medicine. I called the navy hospital and all places there’s a wasp in there I swear I know all my outlets have been hacked for years…

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I’ve been in the state hospital quite a few times. I never found it that bad, unless they had put me on a typical antipsychotic medication. Then I hated it.

How do you get out? I have a home here and I have my youth for a few more years… my grandma has munchausen and she’s like 1000 lbs i can’t see clozapine because it’s what the family wants and I have cancer genes… the family wants me to look like my grandma so they can cut me further out their life.

Like the local hospitals tossed my clothes in the trash and one guy stole 300 dollars I can’t fight it but I do not want those people in my blood for 6-to a year im sorry it just didn’t feel right

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