Im afraid to be hospitalized

Im afraid to relapse, in my country mental hospitals are way worse: 8 of us are crammed into one room, bad food, limited smoke breaks, they feed me few max dosage APs, nurses are mean wirh guards thag scare you for each misbehaviour that they gonna keep you longer. Ive been doing almost everything to stay on track: increasing haloperidol dosage and taking antidepressants. I keep having these unpleasant flashbacks. I also met some people at a hospital thag were from mental asylums and they sacred me with stories of it. I am afraid to go psychotic, do something dumb and appear in a hospital or mental asylum



I know the fear all to well. This may sound dumb but try and relax and focus on something else to distract your mind.

Just keep taking your medication like you are. It’s being unmediated that will get you back in the hospital.

My too and I’m in the USA. My main problem is being able to afford it. I just was in the psych unit for maybe seven hours, and they sent me home at 8pm. I have no idea how I’m going to pay what Medicare doesn’t cover

i’m afraid to be hospitalized too. i spent a year there waiting for housing just to be sent back to where i was, my parents house. police on the unit. people talking to themselves. revolving roommates, public shower, plastic mattreses.

i’m sure yours are worse. i got to work in a greenhouse and make money. had a cafe where you could get coffee several times a day. a courtyard to walk in. pizza, muffins and whatnot. kept to myself the whole time nd talked to probably four pateints out of forty. worst year of my life there.

I like the idea of hospitality.
Except they take away your phone or any electronics.

You should have the motivation to stay on meds if your hospitals are like that

Ours are not too much better

Still, I avoid at all costs