Whos had success on zyprexa?

With paranoia, delusions and thought insertion voices? I wale up everyday to nonsense. Thoughts dont make sense… just started zyprexa as haldol made me suicidal…


I cant be without zyprexa. Ive tried.
it Kinda calms you down, on every spectra.


What did it help you with? How long till results?

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No talking, no thoughts.
it works directly for me.

What do you mean?

I do well on a pretty low dose of zyprexa. Works really well for me and most of my positive symptoms aren’t an issue. Still some paranoia if stressed or ideas of reference but ok most of the time. I take 10 mgs. Usually takes up to 6 weeks till you notice a lot of difference.

What were your positive?

Can you watch movies without your mind going crazy directions?

Yes. It takes some work but I used to have a central voice that commented on everything I did. I still get paranoia and ideas of reference as said earlier. It’s a good med for me.

i was on it 6 successful years… hungry at times but also happy

I have the same problem a central voice. Do you have any memory issues on it?

It gets better. I’ve been on same meds and same doses for well over a decade! That helps. And routine. I swear by take the meds same time everyday. Do exercise. Force yourself to do exercise. It helps!

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Im only a few days on zyprexa. Im hoping for relief soon. I do go walking up and down my dirt road.

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It’s too little time. Either though you get receptor occupancy in the first 24 hours it can take up to a month or six weeks to get good results. Even then it’s a gradual thing but you’ll notice some change.

Schizophrenia is a marathon it’s not a sprint. Be proactive in your health and just do the meds as prescribed. Routine helps. Take meds same time etc. Be patient. Often hard for a mind coming off of psychosis.


Did you have repeat thoughts? Unwanted ones that would just pop up?

What do you mean ideas of reference?

I’ve been on it since 1997. Yes it does work but don’t expect results over night. It took me 5 years to recover from psychosis. Progress was slow but steady. The reason I stuck with it was because it had less side effects then haldol. I also tried other drugs but didn’t like the effects of them. I drink a ton of coffee to fight the sedation. I take it at night but the early part of my day is a slog. Unless you’re on a mega dose I don’t think it’s going to work fast. I’m only on 10 mgs but I’ve heard of people taking 40 mgs. For 20 years I’ve taken it every night. I might skip a dose once or twice a month.

Zyprexa has helped me more than anything. I’ve been on 1/2 of a 2.5 tablet since 1997.

It made me put on a few extra pounds, and makes my cholesterol and blood sugar run a bit high.

I’ve tried several other aps but they were just a nightmare, they made me nervous and I couldn’t sleep plus some other bad side effects.

I can’t take generic olanzapine and I can’t take a higher dose.

I think I function fairly well on Zyprexa, it helped me sleep from the first dose.

My only other symptoms off the APs were delusional, mania, weight loss, angry and agitated.

I believe it took about 2 or 3 weeks to help with those symptoms.

Life would really be miserable without Zyprexa and I doubt if I would be alive.


What do you mean by it taking 5years?

Zyprexa made me crave sugar and sleep a lot. It also makes me mildly depressed. It’s a grey world when I’m on Zyprexa.