Whoa auditory hallucination

This real watery voice when I stepped in my bathroom. Like water running down a pipe but it was talking to me as I move around the source changed. Really weird. Yeah I can’t do the caffeine any more. I should probably up my antipsychotic for a while.

Maybe it was the caffeine… I thought it was safe.

If you live in a apartment it could have been real.

Maybe neighbors my mind twists real sounds sometimes like neighbors in the next apartment.

I can’t understand them because they are not THAT loud but my mind will have me believe they are and they are talking about me.

Nah man it was just in my bathroom. No water running. No one around.

Turned a fan on and I think it’s done ranting. Maybe my mind was just ■■■■■■■ itself over the sound of the rain.

Sometimes I hear rain or a shower running thats not real.

Really strange I seem to be really moving right along in my mental degeneration.

I figure at least I know im nuts thats something.

When I was in denial I was in hell.

Yeah man that’s how I feel right now, degenerating. I’ve been stupid. The only thing I’m doing wrong is caffeine. So much caffeine.

After a couple solid months it’s finally made a differnce. ■■■■ doesn’t really even give me energy, just helps me sleep at night.

There was a time when the sound of running water was far to much for me… the water out of a tap, or a shower… the sound would just set me on edge. It felt so loud and grating.

It would morph… this constant “Scherrrrrr” sound of falling water… mixed with the voices in my head… made for a very confusing and painful experience.

For years I couldn’t take a shower because I couldn’t handle the noise… or the feeling of the water hitting me. I could take a bath. I would wear earmuffs until the tub was full. The sound of the tap water as I tried to wash up any dishes… after a few moment’s I couldn’t take the noise.

Sounds from outside my head would mix in with what was happening inside my head.

I hope you didn’t have to go through that… for me… very painful and agitating.