Who went through withdrawal from an ap?

How it was for you? how long did it last? I couldn’t describe how terrible I was feeling on the Zyprexa 10 mg…I took it for 2 years and I was just dying slowly, no improvement on anything. if it gets too bad ill go back on 5 mg but lets see for the moment.
hugs to all

First time Abilify withdrawal was a torture in other words.

I was psychotic
I was tired
I had brain zaps all day long
I spent my time in bed

how long did it last selene? did you felt better after some time?

I’m switching to latuda from Invega Sustenna 39mg and I’m scared as to how bad the withdrawals are going to be. I’m new to this so wish me luck and let me know if anything helps. would niacin help for residual psychosis?

Good luck @anon20742722, dont worry, you are going on a second ap, you wont experience quite a lot bad things I think :slight_smile: .

The only AP that I got withdrawal from was geodon. I was physically incapable of quitting it cold turkey, it was like giving myself an eating disorder. Couldn’t even smell food without gagging. If I did eat anything my stomach would churn horribly and I ended up throwing up. Also extreme anxiety to where I was freaking out over every little thing, it was really miserable. When I tapered off it was easier but I still needed a lot of klonopin to deal w the anxiety.

I’ve quit a lot of meds cold turkey before and never got withdrawal effects so idk why this one was different.

I did when I stopped taking my meds for 5 days. I really felt like ■■■■.

Any time I come off any antipsychotic I experience intense anger. I’ve learned not to do that.

I experienced withdrawals numerous times.
Risperdal withdrawal was torture.

withdrawal from amisulpride.
nausea, dizziness etc.

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