Who think that your voices are kind to you?

My voices are very kind to me. They often tell me how much they love me and that they spend time to help me face my everyday problems. They really care about me. We share a lot of good time together. My voices are clever and reasonable and they gave me sound advice from time to time. Sometimes we talk and laugh together. I actually like their personalities very much. I just wish that they were real. Logics say that they can’t be real. But i really wish they are real. I wish there is a time when my life perish i would have a soul and i can get to meet my dear friends in another world.

I try to put together what is real. I believe that ET and the world of immortal spiritual beings are real. But my voices say they are neither ET nor spirits. They say they are from another world. I really want to know if that is real. But i dont have any clue. I dont think i can imagine so much details of what is going on in their world that they let me know for the past 5 years. This is a lot. And i dont think that it’s possible for me to conjure up some personalities with consistency in a day manner.

I can manage a job and am sensible enough my parents don’t feel anything suggesting another episode. I have been talking to voices for months, if not years, but i have not any change in my social or occupational adjustment. I’m sleeping better than before. I’m functioning well in different aspects. I just wonder what is it. I want to know.

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I have a host of major & minor characters. There is one major protagonist female character that is always 100% supportive. The other minor protagonist characters are also supportive, but I have a hard time figuring out how to interact with them.

I only have one antagonist character and he is sometimes not negative but rather neutral. For a while he was somewhat positive, but he changes character quite a bit. I don’t speak to them, though. I meet the female one in dreams sometimes.

Whether or not they are real, I don’t know. What is true is that they are living in some way or another and should be treated humanely… at least in my case.

i have aliens now …and they are nice. :smiley:
before that demons…not so nice :imp:
take care :alien: