Who of you quit smoking for good? Is it really that though? Struggling on Quitting

im off the smokes about 7 years…its tough for the first couple of days but then you get used t to it…also i have an extra 80 euro in my pocket every week…thats some saving

I still buy the odd pack of rolling tobacco, and always regret it afterwards, coughing in the mornings, and as i live in the one room - it makes the bedding stink.

I stick to a high 16mg nic vape instead most of the time.

Not easy - i couldnt quit completely. Well done for trying.

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I once asked my psychologist if I can get champix, she said no because my insurance won’t cover it.

I throw up once or twice a day because of smoking since two months. But the first thing I do afterwards is light one up. It’s really that bad. And cough a lot too.

I’m a miserable smoker.

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I throw up because of smoking, but it doesn’t make me quit them.

I stopped smoking 15 years ago and started to use “snuff” - small tobacco pouches you put in the mouth, in scandinavia you can buy white pouches, so it don’t stain the teeths - and there is almost no health issues, you can use it without risking your health and it gives a better buzz than cigarettes.

I tried that too. I can not swallow the spit because I throw up because of it. But it’s not available in the tobacco store here in the villiage. So too complicated to get. But the buzz was good. I started with the strongest, and it was just fairly enough to get the buzz.

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We all die of something…

I am not bothered about smokes, as I gave up enough drugs - and no one will take caffeine or nicotine off me!

I quit smoking 2.5 years ago. It’s heaven. I don’t smell anymore, I feel healthier and save 200€ per month. Please keep trying to quit. One day you will succeed!


I’ve smoked twice for about 6 years each time. I quit because of health problems caused by smoking. You might miss it in the beginning, but you’ll wish you never smoked eventually. I don’t know if patches and gum help.


I tried the patches and gums couple times, but it makes me want to smoke real cigarettes. Still with the strongest patch I couldn’t feel relief. And my heartbeat went up with the patches.

I switched to vaping. I had to get a powerful mod and sub ohm tank. The vape pens didn’t help.

Do some research on what’s available now.

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I will not start vaping anymore. I stick to my cancer sticks. I don’t care about cancer or other illnessess because of tobacco. So no reason to pick up vaping again.

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