Blew my quit...getting help tomorrow...!

I broke down…bought a pack a couple hours ago…gonna get the gum again…it always is a setback usually because I can’t get off the gum without going back to cigs…wish me luck.


I wish you best of luck, jukebox. I know y

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Dear @jukebox ,stop forcing yourself…
When the time comes you will quit.
I remember you quit some time ago,and appologized to some people you’ve been cheating friends by telling forum youve stopped :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m in the same boat, I force myself to quit even if smoking brings me so much joy. I’m just thinking off my diabetes and the health consequences. But from deep inside I want the next cigarette :wink: with no regret.

It seems like willpower isn’t enough to keep you off cigarettes. Have you looked into what smoking cessation aids are covered by medicaid in your state? Here, they cover a lot of treatments.


I was on the lozenge for 3+ years before finally giving up nicotine.

Honestly, I would throw away they pack you just bought and get a nicotine aid like rn.

I had to throw away so many full packs of cigs during my 3+ year quit.

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@ninjastar yes I am going on the nicotine gum…

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Quitting is a real bugger, I feel for you. Sending all the positive vibes I can. Keep trying!


But if you know you have a problem getting off the gum, maybe you should try a different option.


Every attempt brings us closer to succeeding. Keep on trying. I am cutting back. Down to 6 a day approx. Hoping one day I’m done.


I quit by rolling my own. It slows you down and makes you think each time. I mean you can roll a bunch to have, but even that gets tiring. Also, the tobacco I used had lower nicotine, so it helped from getting off manufactured cigs.

It was easier to cut down and then quit entirely. Was still hard.

I quit quite a few times before it stuck.

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i am off nicotine. It is really grand to be free.

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Try and change your psychology. Hold the cigarette in your hand and think or say “I hate you, you’re giving me cancer, emphysema, etc… and your costing me a ton of money”. Teach yourself to hate cigarettes instead of loving them and craving them.

When you get a craving, do something ,anything, clean, go for a walk, whatever.

Just don’t smoke. After a few weeks the cravings drop quit a bit. Within a few months your craving will drop dramatically.

hate to say it, but my quit method is snacking/putting on weight, just rewarding myself with good food throughout the day, when i get the urge to smoke. you can always lose the weight when the nicotine withdrawal is over after 2 or 3 months.

I weaned myself off. If you’d like to know what I did I’ll tell you but it sounds like you want to quit cold turkey

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no I don’t want to quit cold turkey anymore…I only make it a couple days and I cave…so now I’m on nicotine gum…easy to quit…hard to get off of…

My ex husband uses the nicotine spray and has a few cigarettes a day. Has helped him cut back a lot. He hopes to eventually be rid of both.

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