Who is/was your favorite basketball player?


I’d have to say Dennis Rodman for me. I always liked the power forward and center positions. Dennis had an amazing on court IQ on defense and was a tactical genius when it came to getting into other players heads. I have other favorites but i wanted to stick to one


Micheal Jordan was my favorite player. I remember how entertaining it was to watch him.


Older players are KG Garnett and Nowitzki. I like 7-footers who play like a guard. Newer gen players Kawhi Leonard and Chandler Parsons.


My second favorite player would probably be Kobe Bryant.


Dwayne Wade in his prime (04-09)


I used to love Michael Jordan.


I thought his personal life was more interesting than his basketball playing.



Thats what makes him so awesome. He could do all this wacky stuff and then grab 15+ boards the next night.


Kobe Bryant for sure. I’m a Laker fan.


If I remember correctly he led the league in rebounds for at least one year. Maybe more?


the worm was popular. I had a coach who liked him. he kinda turned into an alternative icon. I wonder if he has ever been diagnosed with anything.

Personally I like shooters. Kyle Korver comes to mind, he went over 50% from the 3 point line over a full season…that’s a true release, makes more than he misses


My favorite basketball player was Magic Johnson.


This guy is 5 foot seven inches tall but played in the NBA from 1985-1998.


Steph Curry! He is not only a good player, but also a good person!


My father and my uncle played basketball and they said the best one they saw in their life was:

He was very talented but hot-headed, he came in Italy to play, he didn’t go to the trainings, he was overpaid and he beat all the local top players without effort.


we have games here in my home town ever year I like them all …now if the people would just go home afterword.


Probably was John Stockton. Best playmaker ever and so versatile. He could’ve been a scorer if he wanted to be.

Right now I like a lot of players on my home state Cavaliers. It’s hard to pick one.


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