Who is the smartest person you have come accross?


That made me laugh.


I know its vain, and rude. But i genuinely dont know anyone smarter than me anymore. I used to, in school. But i was definitely on a similar level to the guy(s) im thinking of. Ones a game programmer and the other is a patent lawyer


Who is it ? It would have been my departed Maternal Grandfather, he taught me so many things I never thought anyone could have shown me and I would have believed.

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my answer is the same lol
I dont know if it’s current unusual belief lol
But I dont know anyone smarter than me
Couldnt find over past few years

People might memorise more facts in certain domains, but they are sheep because they follow the system, do exactly as they’re told and arent smart enough to understand how they’re being used
people dont have high level understandings on many things as me, and try to overlap as many topics as me

I was working as a computer programmer, i could play music by ear, i read many things, i could write very insightful analytical articles, i could cook professional desserts, and more

I was on scholarship and things during high school before i quit on my own decision because i didnt want to be a poster child for them. Even senior pdoc i saw recently, he said it couldn’t have been easy, to make a decision on your own and accept the consequences, he said i had a strong mind to do this. He said for a high performing academic student to quit – it’s not abnormal or anything, just unusual.

When i had a psychological assessment a few years ago, i had an iq above 99% of my age-related peers (133 on the WAIS, with 95% confidence interval from 128-136)

These things are true
I wish there would actually be people smarter than me so i can truly learn from them
But there isn’t easily, let alone people who specialise in everything i want to know, so i have to find many people to learn from to know what i want, rather than just a single one

That was before this first time episode happened for me,
Struggle with cognitives a lot recently
So we will see
Maybe medicine will help with positives and i can practise cognitives again

But i relate to you all & care about you all
Thats why when i was still able to read some of the papers in News
I tried to write versions that we can all understand

I like to use my skills to help others
Not to take advantage of it for myself

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My dad was pretty smart. He got a job as lead man for a surveying crew and taught himself trigonometry in order to do the job. I’m sure I’ve met smarter people but my dad was a big reader and could hold an intelligent conversation with just about anybody on a wide range of subjects. Plus he was funny.


Some smart people I know online

208 Iakovos Koukas
204 YoungHoon Kim
193 Kirk Butt
180 Mhedi Banafshei
177 Jo Christopher M. Resquites
174 Ivan Ivec
172 Claus Volko
172 Dr Jason Betts
171 Thomas Ossel
170 Anthony Lawson
160 Anders Hellstrom
160 Matteo Caio Basile
158 Nicos Gerasimou
155 Christian Backlund He was a member here for a short while.

What are those numbers about? A ranking of some kind?

Don’t they say Einstein is the smartest ever?

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I think they only say that because his creativity and ability did something that others didnt. Im sure theres plenty of people who are his equal.

For example, the englishman dirac did stuff that Einstein never understood nor could really accept

Both Dirac and Einstein were very different people though despite being very mathematically talented

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My dad. He is brilliant. Grew up dirt poor. Became an entrepreneur lawyer very young. Runs his own law firm for business law, immigration law, disability law, and personal injury law. He just loves to help people.

He financially assists hundreds of families but doesn’t ever brag about it. I would discover lots of Christmas cards from random families, growing up, and learned that my dad was helping these families.

He’s a huge history buff. Knows tons of detailed information about pretty much everything, but mostly about wars and such. He’s very wise about life and family.

Just an all around really smart and wise guy. And he has a kind heart.


My Biology professor in college. He said he was also previously a longtime auto mechanic but loved teaching more, and he mentioned it paid a lot less so he better love it.

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The smartest person I’ve ever met was Jane Goodall. She has the right kind of intellect. A warm version that cares for the planet not the casual cold intellectual.

I saw her speak at a Belgian Uni and she’s a gifted speaker and has founded a big organization.

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I noticed a thing or two

If I consider someone smart and they use opportunity in their side as they bend and twist the surrounding as per their need.

But it’s opposite for me I hear voices who speak against me. :person_shrugging:

I once met a guy in an assisted living center who said his IQ was 158, and I believed him because he had a better vocabulary than me, and I have a good vocabulary. The guy was totally dysfunctional. He’d go into these raving fits where he crapped all over himself. But sometimes I think the word “smart” is ambiguous. How would you rank a brilliant mathematician next to a man who started his own business and developed it into an empire? How would you rank a man who wrote several very good books next to a man who had built a business empire?


I think if you have an unique skill that people would like to pay and many like it he can be considered smart ?

You might just be lucky. I think the guys who built these great empires succeeded due to a fair amount of luck, but most of them did work their ass off. When Bill Gates started Microsoft the employees there could work any eighty hours of the week they wanted. … There is a story by Thomas Hardy about this guy who was a vicar in an English church, and one time it came out in a discussion between the janitor and the head minister of the English church that the janitor couldn’t read. They decided that it wouldn’t do to have a janitor who couldn’t read, so they fired him. On his way home the former janitor walked past this tobacco shop. He’d noticed that those shops did well, so he took his severence pay and bought himself a tobacco shop. That one did well, so he bought another one, and another one. In time he owned a lot of the tobacco shops, and he became very wealthy. One time in a business discussion it came out that the tobacco shop owner couldn’t read. The guy at the meeting was amazed, and he said, “Just think where you would be if you could read.” The tobacco shop owner responded, “Well, I can answer that. I would be a janitor in a church.”


Bill is a loser he used his time to work his way up because he was a loser.

Janitor and tobacco is wise sounds like Escobar :gun:

I know a few people I think may be genius.

One I’m thinking of now is not that educated but had a very simple job.
Absolutely amazing!

Another brilliant one did have a fancy education but was always humble .picky yet humble and kind.

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