I'm not as smart as I think I am

But I’m not as dumb as I look.


Ditto for me. I’ve realized some of my stupidity over the years. It’s okay, though, because lots of people are like us.

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Same here. I’ve been told I was “smart” by many, many people all of my life, only to find out later in life that this is just not the case. My intellect is more like average to subpar if anything. Where did all those people get off telling me that? Many of those people were my family members.

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I always scored highly in school (many years ago) but I don’t feel that I am any smarter than most people, really. I believe in always continuing to learn and hope to grow not only in knowledge but in wisdom as well. Time will tell, I suppose.


“I don’t know,” is my favorite phrase with mom. She is always asking hundreds of questions though. As I get older I am more okay with checking my memory banks and coming up empty. :smile:

I just need to stop being a darn perfectionist about it.